Some of the tricks of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ( Cheats San Andreas ) are introduced while playing. EYE saves your game because if you record your game with some trick when you reach 50% of the game you will have problems to save it, so it will be better to have two games. Here you have the best collection of codes and tricks for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ENJOY IT !!!!

Main and basic tricks:

Trick to get 25000 dollars, 100 health and 100 armor: Get rich with this trick / trap for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Weapons # 1: While playing press the following code Weapons # 2: While playing press Weapons # 3: While playing press Trick for the high search level: Press Trick for the low search niel: Press They never look for you: Spawn jetpack propeller trick: Parachute: … To see more San Andreas Tricks of this type in GTA or other tricks, look below in the folders

Gameplay: Tricks and jumps with BMX

Some tricks, glitchs and jumps for the BMX in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. San Andreas tricks .

Another different world:

Trick of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to go to the gym of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, when you are there finish all the characters inside, Then take the Jet pack, or do the trick and go left as you enter San Andreas tricks . There you see that the roof is black, Get on the Jet and you will see a totally black world, with a bit of luck after a while a lot of men will come for you, if luck does not accompany you you will fall into a lake.

More tricks of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Super tricks

    Super tricks: Codes to unlock super tricks with which you can do almost anything in Grand Theft Auto: San Andread for PS2. Health: ... See more
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