Here are a series of tips and tricks of Fallout: new Vegas for PC and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain Achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.


Open the console (with the º or ~ key ) and then enter the codes indicated for each item. God mode: tgm Add the indicated number of special points (changing them by #): addspecialpoints # Add extras: player.addperk (extra code) Add a level: advlevel Change the level to the one indicated by # (does not affect anything else): player.setlevel # Money: player.additem 000000F (amount of money) Set the level of a statistic by the number indicated in #. The maximum level is 100 (change bonus skills except equipment or attributes): player.setav skillname # Set the condition of the current equipped weapon to 100: player.setweaponhealthperc 100 Add X karma points (if you want negative karma, use negative values): RewardKarma X Repair objects: player.srm All brands of the map: tmm 1 Remove the fog from the local map: tfow Unlock any physical lock (doors, chests, etc.) and terminals: unlock Unlock doors, safes or computers (you must first select the object and be aware that it may cause failures): Unlock Resurrect the NPC or dead enemy: resurrect Kill the NPC or selected enemy: kill Change all face options: ShowPlasticSurgeonMenu Change all styling options: ShowBarberMenu Change sex: SexChange Without clipping: tcl Remove the game faster: QQQ Remove all objects from the selected NPC: removeallitems Close all menus: CloseAllMenus Increase the speed of all NPCs and that of the user (default is 4): setgs fmoverunmult # Increase the maximum weight you can carry (change the # by the number): player.modav carryweight # Infinite money: As soon as Primm has a new sheriff, when a certain time passes, the "Vikki" and "Vance" casinos will open again in Primm. Well, go to the casino, play a little to get chips (record the game before to reload it in case of losing) and then, when you go to change them, they will give you the equivalent money, but they will not take away the chips, so which you can repeat this over and over again.

Get better quality items:

First make sure that the seller has two exactly the same items only of different quality. If you buy the cheapest, they will give you the best quality instead of the one you chose.

Make enemies burn without spending ammo:

Equip the "Anti Material Rifle" with incendiary ammunition. Enter VATS mode against any enemy, then exit the mode without using it. Any target you have targeted will be burning without spending any ammo.
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