Everything you need to know about Hustle Castle Artifacts

If you want to do well in the Hustle Castle Arena , you will have to invest in artifacts that strengthen your team to have a chance to reach the top places. These items can be purchased at the Arena Market and all can be useful, it just depends on the composition of your team. Check out this guide to learn the essentials about the artifacts you can use in the tournament.

How to get artifacts

To get artifacts, you will need to buy them at Arena Market using Courage Badges. To earn the Insignias of Courage, you need to participate in the tournaments and get good results. Each character can only equip one artifact and it can be rare , epic or legendary . Find out how to do well at the Hustle Castle Arena!

The attributes of the artifacts

All artifacts have certain attributes that will distinguish them from each other.
  • Name and icon: the name and icon of an artifact are arbitrary and have no impact on its function. That is, you can have an artifact with the same name and icon as your opponent, but the two have different functions.
  • Warrior level: Like the weapons and equipment you can use with your soldiers, artifacts also require a minimum level. That is, your warriors can only use an artifact if their level is compatible with the levels indicated on the artifact. As a rule, items that require higher levels are stronger.
  • Rarity: Artifacts can be rare, epic or legendary, depending on their level. If an artifact is described as Unique, only one of the same type can be equipped at the same time on your team.
  • Activation time: this attribute indicates under what circumstances the artifact will be active. You can check this information to see what is most useful for your team on each occasion.
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The effects

Artifacts can have multiple effects when active. The power of this ability and its duration will depend on the rarity of the item and the level of the warrior that equips it:

1. Abyssal evocation

Deals damage and stuns all enemies. The amount of damage dealt and the duration of the stun will depend on the rarity of the artifact and the level of the warrior. Abyssal summoning also summons a lackey who disappears only when killed, but cannot be healed or resurrected. The health and damage caused by this unit will depend on the rarity of the artifact and the level of the warrior.

2. Stab

The warrior with this equipped artifact can be teleported behind the enemy's line of defense. When the effect is over, the warrior returns to where he was. The duration of the teleportation will depend on the rarity of the artifact: four seconds if it is epic or six seconds if it is legendary. Use this item on warriors who do great damage to do as much damage as possible for the duration of the effect.

3. Bloodlust

Blood Lust decreases the life of one of your soldiers, but during that time, your damage per second will increase significantly. If the artifact is rare or epic, its life decreases by 70% and DPS increases by 90%. If the item is legendary, its health decreases by 65% and its DPS increases by 125%. This artifact is ideal for archers , as they are protected behind their defenses and they already have a great capacity to deal damage.

4. Spellcaster

This artifact is used by wizards . It reduces the damage per second of the warrior equipping the item, but also reduces the time it takes to load spells. The reduction of this reload depends on the rarity of the artifact: 60% reduction in epics and 80% in legendary. The reduction in the amount of damage per second is always 90% for five seconds. This artifact is beneficial for wizards who use damage or healing spells in quick succession.

5. Summon healer

Summons a wizard minion to heal your team. The life that this minion restores will depend on the rarity of the artifact and the level of the warrior that equips it.

6. Summon sniper

Summons a sniper lackey that attacks your enemies. The damage per second this minion will do depends on the rarity of the artifact and the level of the warrior that equips it.

7. Time distortion

This item will slow down the recovery of enemies' abilities while speeding up that of allies. If the artifact is epic the percentage of change for both sides is 30% and if it is legendary it is 45%.

8. Cleaning

Removes all effects from a random warrior whenever it is active. Its effect is quite volatile and can affect both allies and enemies, so this artifact is poorly chosen by players.

9. Danger of explosion

Affects all warriors on the battlefield, dealing damage and stunning them, so it is only beneficial when your soldiers have more general health than their enemies. Therefore, this artifact is little used by players.

The best artifacts by class

It is true that all artifacts are useful, but there are some better than others, especially for certain heroes. Typically, the least used ones are Danger of Explosion and Cleaning. You should also look for activations that take place without conditioning , to take full advantage of the triggering of the item's effect.
  • Assassins: Stab
  • Wizards: Spellcaster
  • Archers: Stab or Bloodlust
  • Tanks: Time distortion and Abyssal Evocation
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