Essential tips for launching into FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

In FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) it's not enough to play well on the pitch, you have to learn to manage your resources very well. FUT may seem complex at first, but we have 6 tips that will simplify the process for you to build a super team in no time.

Understand player cards and consumables

In FUT, you will build a team from cards. These cards can be players or consumable items that help in the game. You will win the cards through challenges or buying on the market with coins (virtual currency) or real money. There are also packs where you will pick up several random cards at once. The same player can have different scores on different cards, depending on the current moment and the shape of the real player. For example, if Messi makes a hattrick in the last match, that week a Messi card with a better score will appear. Consumable items are very useful cards. You can pick up cards to extend players 'contracts, cards to take away players' fatigue or even injuries. There are also training consumables to improve the attributes of the players or to create a new position.

Think about player chemistry

Having the best players on the team helps a lot to win, but understanding between players also has a lot of influence. You will want a team that has chemistry to be able to get the most out of each player. Try to connect players who play in the same league , who are from the same club or nationality . A player prefers to play with someone who has something in common than an unknown. You must place a lot of importance on chemistry. In the beginning, you may not get very good players, but if there is chemistry between them, you will have a much stronger team.

Win prizes in extra challenges

You will need all the help to get better players for your team. When you start playing FUT you will find the initial objectives, which work as tutorials, where you can earn several rewards. There are also daily goals that are updated in the main menu to win more prizes. When you reset these goals, you still have other ways to look for prizes. There are Squad Battles and Casting Challenges (DME) where you can get more coins.

Stay tuned in the market

The value of the players can change a lot in the market. For example, when a new FIFA is released, it is normal for everyone to want the best players and then the prices are very high. Ideally, you should always keep an eye on the market and not rush into buying a player. The ideal scenario is to buy cheap and sell expensive. Consumable cards such as cure, contract and physical condition are often purchased in desperate situations and can be a good opportunity to make a good deal. So, if you stay tuned and buy these cheap cards, then you can make a profit by selling them in these situations.

Play online only when building a good team

There are several seasons in offline mode, where you will face teams from the computer. The level of difficulty is low and can initially be good for winning prizes that help to improve your team. It is true that the prizes are not very good, but if you move up the division they get even better. Remember that in online mode you will play against other players who can have a lot of experience. So, you better start with a good team to get better results.

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