Dying Light cheats for PC, PS4 and XBOne

Here are a series of tips and tricks of Dying Light for PC and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may find it very helpful to obtain certain Achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Teleportation / Fast Travel

Dying Light trick in which we show you a shortcut to travel quickly or teleport from the Old Town to the slums and the slums to the Old City. Once we have reached the mission in which we travel to the Old City through the sewers of Dying Light we can make use of the quick trip through some posters that you will find in the towers of the two cities. This option is not told in the game and we can also travel through the sewers again, you will have access points on the maps of both cities, although the trip is much slower. In the video you have the location of each fast travel poster, it is similar to the fast trips of Dead Island.

Location 16 Voice Messages:

Collectibles guide with the location of the 16 Voice Messages of Dying Light. When you get the 34 Notes, the 17 Battle Diaries and the 16 Voice Message you will unlock the “All in writing” Trophy / Achievement that will jump when you have collected all the Dying Light collectibles.

Modo Be the Zombie:

Take control of the Night Hunter and hunt the human survivors. As a zombie predator, you can invade other players' games and add more tension to their fight for survival. Experience the asymmetric multiplayer mode as the creepy force behind the invasions. Kill your prey and develop superhuman abilities to become the worst nightmare Harran has ever known. Good night, good hunting.

9mm gun:

There are two ways to get a 9mm gun. The easiest to pick it up is the house in the lower right corner of the neighborhoods. The gun is always generated in this place, and you can get it as soon as you start or at any time.

The second way is to pick it up from police vans. Look for them on the roads and carry some picks. You can't get the gun from human enemies, since they only have rifles and melee weapons. The gun is a crucial part of completing the Gunslinger side mission of the upper tower in the neighborhoods. The Gunslinger secondary mission gives access to a pawn shop that contains two collectible reports.

Trick Level Up Fast and Easy:

Trick with which we can level up very quickly and easily by following the steps in the video.

Location 17 Battle Diaries:

Collectibles guide with the location of the 17 Battle Diaries of Dying Light. When you get the 34 Notes, the 17 Battle Diaries and the 16 Voice Message you will unlock the “All in writing” Trophy / Achievement that will jump when you have collected all the Dying Light collectibles.

Metal pieces:

When you no longer need a weapon, open your inventory and dismantle the object to get metal parts.
These components can be used to repair other objects. Although it is not as good as selling a weapon, it can be used to get the parts when you need them.

Duplicate Firearms in Cooperative:

Tricks / Bug on how to duplicate firearms in the Dying Light cooperative mode.

Duplicate Weapons and Infinite Money:

Note: This trick no longer works after Dying Light updates. If you want to use this trick to duplicate weapons you will have to delete the game updates, but you will not be able to connect online to play cooperatively or in the Be the Zombie mode until you update the game again.

As in Dead Island we can duplicate weapons and get money easily by selling them in Dying Light. The first thing you should do for this trick is to unlock the Melee Throw ability in the Ability Power Menu. Now we will only have to equip any melee weapon and launch it while the weapon is in the air. Then open your inventory and drop the weapon you just threw to double it (one scrapped and one in the air). Repeat the steps as many times as you want or until the inventory is filled. Then sell all duplicate weapons to earn unlimited money. In addition to being able to keep copies of your best modified and improved weapons.

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