Finally, fans of the popular Lineage franchise can play Lineage 2: Revolution on their mobile. You can venture into a game with high quality graphics in an open world with multiple missions to complete. Due to the complexity of the game, newbies can sometimes feel a little lost. So, check out these tips for doing well in Lineage 2: Revolution .

Choose the right breed for you

In addition to the fundamental choice of the class you want to play, it is very important to understand what the specialty of each race is so that it complements your style of play. Humans are the most balanced race and, therefore, adaptable to any class. Elves are fast and agile, which is ideal for playing as a Rogue. In the case of the dark elves, they do a great deal of damage, using black powers that give Magicians a lot of advantage. Finally, the ideal race for those who want to venture as a Warrior, are the Dwarves, who enjoy a great deal of life and resistance.

Do not cancel the Tutorial

Usually, we tend to skip the tutorials, thinking that we already have enough experience in the world of games to waste time with it. However, by completing the Lineage 2 Revolution tutorial , you gain more than knowledge. In fact, by watching the tutorial, you will have access to weapons, armor and other important items to do well in the first phase of the game.

Complete all missions

One of the fastest ways to gain experience in the game to release more content is to complete daily, weekly and scroll missions. You can complete up to 12 daily missions, being able to update the available list three times to choose the missions you prefer. Weekly missions are limited to 15 per day, with a total of 105 per week. However, only the first 60 count towards extra rewards. Finally, you can also complete up to five scrolls each day, which are collected in Huntings.

Take all the rewards

In Lineage 2 Revolution , there are several ways to earn rewards . Just by entering the game you can earn items and blessings that will help you in your adventures. In addition, you should take the opportunity to automatically clean all the floors you have traveled through in the Tower of Insolence to win extra prizes, even though you have not yet reached the top. Finally, depending on your rank in the Arena, you may be presented with several rewards.

Don't waste Adena

You should try to plan how you spend your money on the game, as this will be very important to improve your equipment . One of the situations that you can correct to save some Adena, is to change in the Game Settings the percentage of life you have to reach for the Potions to be used automatically . If you lower this percentage, there is more chance of dying, but this will not bring any penalty and, thus, you save your money.

Join a clan

In all multiplayer games it is always advantageous to belong to a clan. In the case of Lineage 2 Revolution , you can join other allied members to complete tasks that give extra rewards for being done with guild members. In addition, by making donations to your clan, you not only help your companions, but also earn special coins to spend in the Clan Shop.

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