Gone are the days when dress games were exclusive to children or girls. Whoever was born in the 1990s must remember the paper dolls that came with clothes to cut out. The dress up games apps for Android and iOS that are booming are like that, only better. These activities may seem trivial, but they are great for developing the creative side of the brain, spending time, and even learning something about clothing matching and fashion. So, we've separated some of the best free dress up games for Android, so you can download it now and start playing!

1. Hip Hop Dress Up Games

DOWNLOAD This game is simple, easy to download, free and does not take up much space on your phone. With it, you wear characters from the hip hop culture , with super stylish clothes. It is great for all ages and genders. The game has three characters, Zizzy, Zi-Di, Mincki and Drade. Just click on one of them to start styling them. In addition to the clothes, you can change the background . And you can also choose random and funny combinations, available in the app. If you like the result, you can share it on Facebook.

2. Covet fashion

DOWNLOAD For fashion fans, this game is almost a catwalk simulator. In it you will find clothes of real brands and that you usually wear in your day to day. It is not for nothing that the game is one of the most downloaded and well rated in the category! With the game, you can create looks of street style , with designer labels of clothes and even improve your understanding of the subject. The cool thing is that you can use the game as a fitting room and see how you would look with that outfit. Another thing that differentiates the app from others is that it has a style challenge, which you can participate in and compete against other players. Thinking little? Challenge winners win exclusive prizes!

3. SuperHero Dress Up Club

DOWNLOAD How about dressing up superheroes with fantastic costumes? SuperHero Dress Up Club is a free Android dress up game suitable for the whole family. In this game, you can dress up DC and Winx heroines any way you like. You can put accessories on them and even change your hair and makeup. It is still possible to record videos and images with the result, to share on social networks! What are you waiting for to download it?

4. Nikki UP2U

DOWNLOAD If you are a card-carrying Otaku and you like fashion, you must download this dress up game. You can put clothes on manga and anime characters, ranging from traditional cosplays to Christmas or Halloween clothes. The game has more than 100 different combinations, to entertain you for hours! In addition, the graph is super detailed, allowing you to play with the most diverse details. It also has a competition system with goals and targets between players, so you can share the game with your friends and family.

5. Your Closet Smart Fashion

DOWNLOAD A wardrobe inside your cell phone, that's how Your Closet Smart Fashion describes itself. With this game, you create looks of various types and for many occasions. The game allows you to divide your clothes by seasons, in case you want to separate beach looks from those stylish winter jackets. With it, you can share your favorite clothes with friends on almost all social networks, including Instagram. And the coolest thing about this app is that you can even add your own clothes, just take pictures of them! You can use it as a clothing planner for travel and events.

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