A Calculator for the Ganjilla’s Event Item Drop

This calculator is meant for the Auto Campaign Event. This calculator will help you calculate important things like the amount of certain event items that you might get at the end of the auto campaign event. Some of these things include the blessing bags, Chinese knots or the rose.

Update: As of 4th March 2019, we have released a new calculator.  The calculator will be able to calculate the helm that the player can use or exchange in order to get generous rewards in the interface of the event.

Things to note:

  • This calculator is best used after the second day of the event.
  • This calculator is made under the assumption that you will collect the loot once every ten hours without fail.
  • The calculator Is not programmed to include the last twenty-four hours of shopping.

The calculator can be found at https://www.ganjilla.org/

Blessing bags:

Count of blessing bags:

This is the total number of blessing bags that you already have present in the inventory.

Count of the number of blessing bags that you have got from gem boxes and the GM mail:

If you did not receive the 180 bags from the gem boxes in the game and the 18 bags from the GM mail, then change this counter to the amount of bags that you actually got.

Blessing bags that have been acquired for gems:

If you have bought any bags in exchange for gems, then add that value here. If you do not know how to see this, then click on the +icon on the play screen to figure out how many you purchased.

A number of Affection Points:

This can be found at the bottom of the screen. It usually displays as (x)/1600. Update this counter if you have spent any bags during gameplay.

An approximate number of extra bags that you will receive including the daily mail:

The drop rate per day:

The total predicted affection points:

It is important to note that this calculator is based on the assumption that your rates and looting behaviour will stay the same throughout the gameplay. It is better if you do not buy bags before you know exactly how many you will actually need. The maximum number of bags that you can buy is capped at 600 number of extra bags.

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