Clash of Clans: 5 free ways to earn gems without cheats

Gems are the most difficult type of Clash of Clans money to obtain. There are no cheats to get them, and the quickest way to arrange large quantities is to use real cash . In this article, however, we bring you some tips for earning them without cheating and without opening your wallet. There are many ways to earn gems in Clash of Clans . Completing basic tasks, participating in events and even selling special items. Of course, the process takes a little time. But there is nothing to prevent your reserves of these precious stones from being enormous. Check below everything you need to do to get them!

1. Complete your Achievements

The Achievements of Clash of Clans , also known as Achievements are one of the most basic ways you get gems. There are 66 tasks that you must complete throughout the game. As you complete the objectives, you will receive awards, which in this case are the gems . The more difficult the task, the greater the quantity of gems. In total we can tell you that in this method alone you can obtain almost 9000 gems , in addition to thousands of experience points. The Achievements that most guarantee you gems are those that involve multiplayer combat . Less complex activities, such as breaking obstacles, also give a good amount of prizes. See the tables below!

Larger safes

Levels Gems Experience
Upgrade a gold storage to level 2 2 10
Upgrade a gold storage to level 5 5 100
Upgrade a gold store to level 10 10 1,000

Take those goblins

Levels Gems Experience
Earn 10 stars on the campaign map 5 10
Earn 50 stars on the campaign map 10 100
Earn 150 stars on the campaign map 20 1,000

Bigger and better

Levels Gems Experience
Upgrade the Village Center to level 3 5 10
Upgrade the Village Center to level 5 10 100
Upgrade the Village Center to level 8 20 1,000

Clean and tidy

Levels Gems Experience
Remove 5 obstacles from the village 5 10
Remove 50 obstacles from the village 10 100
Remove 500 obstacles from the village 20 1,000

Release the beasts

Levels Gems Experience
Unlock Archers in the barracks 5 10
Unlock Wall Destroyer in the barracks 10 100
Unlock Dragon in the barracks 20 1,000

Gold Rush

Levels Gems Experience
Steal 20,000 gold 5 10
Steal 1,000,000 gold 10 100
Stealing 100,000,000 gold 20 1,000

Escape from the elixir

Levels Gems Experience
Steal 20,000 elixir 5 10
Steal 1,000,000 elixir 10 100
Steal 100,000,000 elixir 20 1,000

Sweet victory

Levels Gems Experience
Achieve a total of 75 trophies in multiplayer battles 5 10
Achieve a total of 750 trophies in multiplayer battles 10 100
Achieve a total of 1,250 trophies in multiplayer battles 450 1,000

Empire builder

Levels Gems Experience
Rebuilding the Clan Castle 5 10
Upgrade Clan Castle to level 2 10 100
Upgrade Clan Castle to level 4 20 1,000

Wall detonator

Levels Gems Experience
Destroy 10 walls in multiplayer battles 5 10
Destroy 100 walls in multiplayer battles 10 100
Destroy 2,000 walls in multiplayer battles 20 1,000


Levels Gems Experience
Destroy 10 Village Centers in multiplayer battles 5 10
Destroy 100 Village Centers in multiplayer battles 10 100
Destroy 2,000 Village Centers in multiplayer battles 50 1,000

Joint detonator

Levels Gems Experience
Destroy 25 Builder Huts in multiplayer battles 5 10
Destroy 250 Builder Huts in multiplayer battles 10 100
Destroy 2,500 Builder Huts in multiplayer battles 30 1,000


Levels Gems Experience
Win 25 multiplayer battles 5 10
Win 250 multiplayer battles 10 100
Win 5,000 multiplayer battles 20 1,000


Levels Gems Experience
Defend yourself successfully against 10 attacks 5 10
Successfully defend against 250 attacks 50 100
Defend yourself successfully against 5,000 attacks 100 1,000

Friends in trouble

Levels Gems Experience
Donate 100 units in capacity at Castelo do Clã 5 10
Donate 5,000 units in capacity at Castelo do Clã 25 100
Donate 25,000 units in capacity at Castelo do Clã 250 1,000

Spanks mortar

Levels Gems Experience
Destroy 25 mortars in multiplayer battles 5 10
Destroy 500 mortars in multiplayer battles 10 100
Destroy 25,000 mortars in multiplayer battles 20 1,000

Heroic assault

Levels Gems Experience
Steal 20,000 Black elixir 5 10
Steal 250,000 Black elixir 10 100
Steal 1,000,000 Black elixir 20 1,000

Best league

Levels Gems Experience
Join the Crystal League 250 10
Join League League 1,000 500
Join the champion league 2,000 2,000

X-Beast Exterminator

Levels Gems Experience
Destroy 1 X-Beasts in multiplayer battles 50 50
Destroy 250 X-Beasts in multiplayer battles 100 100
Destroy 2,500 X-Beasts in multiplayer battles 200 1,000


Levels Gems Experience
Destroy 10 Inferno Towers in multiplayer battles 100 50
Destroy 150 Inferno Towers in multiplayer battles 200 500
Destroy 5,000 Inferno Towers in multiplayer battles 1,000 5,000

Hero of war

Levels Gems Experience
Earn 10 stars for Clan Castle in Clan War battles 50 50
Earn 150 stars for Clan Castle in Clan War battles 200 500
Earn 1,000 stars for Clan Castle in Clan War battles 1,000 5,000

Spoils of war

Levels Gems Experience
Collect 800,000 Gold in Clan War Bonuses 25 100
Collect 15,000,000 Gold in Clan War Bonuses 100 500
Collect 100,000,000 Gold in Clan War Bonuses 500 5,000


Levels Gems Experience
Destroy 20 Eagle Artillery in multiplayer battles 150 100
Destroy 200 Eagle Artillery in multiplayer battles 300 800
Destroy 2,000 Eagle Artillery in multiplayer battles 1,000 5,000

Sharing is caring

Levels Gems Experience
Donate spells the equivalent of 100 spell storage spaces 20 100
Donate the equivalent of 200 spell storage spaces in spells 100 500
Donate in spells the equivalent of 1,000 spell storage spaces 500 5,000

2. Break obstacles along the way

Another very popular way to obtain gems is to remove the obstacles that appear at their base. These objects are plants and stones, and the plants are born again after eight hours of their removal. To remove them, it is necessary to use elixirs. The stones will require gold from you to be removed. It is estimated that removing the obstacles can provide 0 to 6 gems. In this sense, this method is a little random, since you will not always have the stones you want. Anyway, as you will probably have to remove these objects to expand your base, it ends up being useful. Don't forget that if you want plants to be reborn, you need to leave spaces around them for that to happen. It is advisable that the 8 squares around you are free in this case. If you're lucky, you can find the Gem Box , a very rare obstacle that guarantees 25 gems.

3. Complete events

By events in Clash of Clans we mean certain achievements that you achieve after meeting certain requirements. Say, for example, that you win 20 multiplayer battles using archers. This will guarantee you an amount of experience and a lot of gems. These mini-achievements are available for many unit classes, such as dragons, wizards, miners, among others. Speaking of miners, never forget that mining is an activity that also provides gems . Despite being a lengthy process, it is continuous and depends only on your patience in waiting.

4. Be one of the best Clash of Clans players

Of course, there could not be a special award for the best players in the game . This way of earning gems is, however, evidently quite complicated. It depends not only on your individual performance, but also on your clan . At the end of each 2-week period, the top three clans in the game will be awarded gems. The first place will have 50 thousand, while the second will have 30 thousand and the third with 15 thousand. The top 20 players from these clans share the prizes among themselves. Therefore, if you belong to a small clan, but that comes first, you can get a huge prize in gems!

5. Have a victorious clan in Clan Games

  The Clan Games are games that put members of the clans to work towards the group. If you have a Town Hall level 6 upwards, you can participate in the challenges. These challenges consist of doing tasks common to the game, such as using certain troops or destroying certain buildings. Each completed task earns points, which, at the end of the games period, will be added up. The more points your clan scores , the more resources you will earn. Among them are the gems. In addition, clan members can earn magic items. These items, if sold, provide players with good amounts of gems. Discover the layouts of Clash of Clans and build a powerful base! Check out 6 tips to do well in Clans .

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