Check out the best hero combinations to wreak havoc in Mobile Legends below! One of the best things about the game is playing with friends and searching for the best possible combos among the various characters available. The more players participate in combos, the better, but in pairs it is already possible to create many interesting moves that will definitely bring many advantages to your team. Check out 8 hero combinations to play as a duo in Mobile Legends below!

1. Johnson and Odette

Perhaps the most popular combination of Mobile Legends and also one of the simplest to understand. Once both heroes have enabled their ults, just take them to the middle of the opposing team and activate Odette in the middle of the opponents. If you choose the right time to activate Johnson's ult, you can catch enemies off guard and do monstrous damage in a matter of seconds. The rest of your team, if you are attentive, will take the opportunity to eliminate them all. At this point, communication by this pair is essential. There are two situations in which this combination works especially well:
  • When the rival team is taking the Lord or the Turtle. It is a great time to get the opposing team together in one place, being perfect targets for Odette. At such times, coordinate the attack well with the rest of your team.
  • When opponents are pressing your team's tower. If your pair hits the combo well, it will stun opponents within range of your tower, thus causing extra damage. In addition, with a successful attack, your team will have the chance to counter attack in another lane.
Besides Odette, other heroes with whom you can make this lethal combo are Alice, Gusion and Kadita. The concept of this combo is to cause an explosion of area damage to all possible opponents. Just be careful not to base your entire game on this combo. Although the duo Johnson and Odette are very strong, be sure to include the rest of the team in the plays.

2. Ruby / Tigreal and Gord

There are two variants for this suggestion. The execution of the combo remains the same but each has its own details due to the strengths of the heroes. Gord is the fixed character and the choice between Ruby and Tigreal will depend on whether you want to focus on fights against 2 or 3 or focus entirely on fights against 5 against 5. If you choose Ruby, games against 2 or even 3 in late game will become very simple. The stealing of life through abilities allows it to have great stamina and still do good damage. Since his skills apply CCs, Gord will have easier targets to reach if he plays with patience. If, on the other hand, you prefer to take the Tigreal, you will make Gord's life easier thanks to the knockup, slowing down and stunning his abilities. As Gord can also stun, both can easily disable one or two enemies. However, this combination shines in team fights because of the ults. If Tigreal uses yours and Gord keeps up, they can clear the battlefield in seconds. In short, choose:
  • Ruby : if you want to focus a lot on going alone with Gord during the game and having the balance in your favor in battles against 2 and 3 enemies.
  • Tigreal : if both prefer to be part of team fights and win the game by eliminating the five opponents.

3. Angela and Aldous

Angela is the main character of this combo exclusively for her ability to make any ally a big threat. The basis of this combination is to take advantage of both ults to eliminate any character that is separated from the rest of the team. Aldous is a hero that gets stronger as the game progresses. For this reason, it is not a good idea for enemies to go one at a time against Aldous so as not to risk feeding. So imagine if he is accompanied by Angela! Another way to use this pair is to split the push between Aldous and Angela, that is, pushing a lane alone. If the rest of the team enters a team fight, either of the two can arrive in order to match the match. Because she is a very useful support character, Angela works well with several other heroes like Alice, Leomord, Ruby and Alucard. If you or your partner like to take Angela, try different pairs of characters!

4. Franco and Zhask

Individually, Zhask and Franco are two very difficult heroes to play against. Together, this problem increases even more. Although the combination is not the most common (considering that none of the heroes are among the best in their role), it is worth experimenting as it brings very unique characteristics to the game. Zhask allows you to control the placement of enemies with your summons and can do a lot of damage to a target. During a team fight, if Franco grabs an opponent with his hook, he will bring him into Zhask's attack range. Each time the pair successfully performs the skill combination, the combat will become 5x4 instantly. If you want to try other combinations with Franco as the main character, he also goes well with Minsitthar, Ruby or Cyclops.

5. Chou and Fanny

Here's how to play with Chou: tips, items and builds! If you prefer explosive combinations, there is nothing better than Chou and Fanny. The two heroes are very complete, but require a lot of practice, since they are characters that are more difficult to master compared to the majority. Both use pure physical attacks, so be careful against teams with heroes with a lot of physical endurance. If this is not the case, Chou and Fanny could wipe out anyone on the opposing team. Chou must always be the first to initiate the attack and the one who chooses prey to hunt. Until that happens, Fanny must wait patiently. The tactic is as follows:
  • Chou pounces on an enemy for some physical damage.
  • He then uses the ult to send the opponent to a wall. This part is crucial and is the basis of this combination.
  • When the target touches the wall, Fanny can throw herself at him and deal great extra damage.
If you follow the steps to the letter, the opposing team will play more passively and it will be easier to push the lanes to bring down the towers. It is not recommended to do this in a team fight, but if you succeed, you will get a big advantage for your team.

6. Zilong and Eudora

This combo is very accessible for two reasons: first, both heroes are easy to obtain. Second, both are very easy to master. Although they are not among the strongest characters, the two complement each other very well. Zilong's strong point is getting into the opposing team with great speed. This is something that Eudora and other magicians cannot (and should not) do. The cooperation between the two characters comes from a simple fact: Zilong can bring a rival ahead of Eudora. In this way, Eudora will have an easy target to shoot down, remaining in a safer position, without exposing itself to the rest of the opposing team. It is recommended that Zilong has tank items, but it is not strictly necessary. Basically, what you're going to do is use the fighter to bring an enemy to the wizard's feet and run out of there. Repeat the process all the time! As already mentioned, Zilong is a good ally for many of the game's wizards, so be sure to try other combinations.

7. Guinevere and Minotauro

Another very straightforward and easy to understand combination. Everything revolves around loading the Minotaur's ult and wreaking havoc together. At this point, it is almost essential to use voice communication to use the skills of both characters at the perfect time. If that is not possible, it is a matter of practicing and understanding that Guinevere should enter shortly after Minotauro. The two can take out multiple enemies at once, so they are a deadly duo against 2 or 3 opponents. Not only that, but they are fundamental pieces to win team fights. In general, Guinevere is perfect if it is coordinated with other heroes who have knockups, like Chou or Saber, but it works very well with Minotauro, since it is also a good support.

8. Gatotkaca and Hanabi

This last combination is very effective in team fights. Gatotkaca is highly valued for its stamina, as well as its ability to provoke, kill and attract opponents. Hanabi is also very much loved by snipers, thanks to his ability to do good damage to grouped enemies. The strategy to follow with these heroes is as follows:
  • Be patient during fights. To do the combo well, Gatotkaca has to start with his last on the enemy team. The right time is when the opponents are as close together as possible.
  • Before Gatotkaca lands, Hanabi must use his ability on an enemy within the area marked by his partner.
  • When Gatotkaca is on the ground, it is recommended that both of them always focus on the same target and that he is careful to protect Hanabi.
If you both follow these steps and make a good start in combat, you can often eliminate multiple targets without problems. With the help of the other partners, this task will be much simpler! In addition to Gatotkaca, Hanabi works very well with Tigreal. In this case, the strategy remains the same. Click here for more Mobile Legends tips and tutorials! Get beautiful CSS code with the new free online tool hosted by HTML Cleaner. Try it today!

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