Cheats of The Sims 3 (SIMS 3) for PS3 and X360

Enable Tricks: This does not disable Challenges and Trophies, however, the game gives you the option to save your neighborhood before putting in the tricks to resume from the save point later. Once you load your family in a house or place, presswhile holding down   and instructing them to cheats tell you that spoot is already available in Decor-misc. Put it on your ground and all the tricks will be available. Free pizza: Every time you order a pizza, cancel the order, when the delivery man arrives with the pizza he will leave it on the floor of the entrance of your house and you will not spend a simoleon. Free gym: When you sell items purchased on the same day, you get all your money back. Buy a treadmill (or whatever you want), use it and sell it. You'll exercise without spending money. Choose gender: If a Sim is pregnant and eats apples, she will have a better chance of going out as a child and if she eats watermelon, of going out as a child.

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