One way to have money is always to go fishing and sell the fish in the supermarket is as if you buy it, you are given the button on the right but to sell them you can use the left and verify that it says -1 / -2 etc. and then you are given the option to sell You can earn more money by talking with other SIMS that will tell you to take them an item and give it to them, they will give you a reward.

Open pawnshop

To open the pawnshop you must fulfill all the wishes of the sim with one that is not fulfilled, it can no longer be opened until the desire reappears and is fulfilled! to open the house of tricks you need to have the 75 wishful 50 this is not clear to me.

In Sims 3 of Smartphones you cannot have children

You can also have a car in the sims 3 for android You can't have pets The only way to scare a sims is by entering his house and getting into his shower It also seems that for Android there is an app that you can install and that tricks your games, many of them, is called gameich.

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