Cheats of Gears Of War 3 (GEARS 3) for X360

Here are a series of tips and tricks from Gears of War 3 for Xbox 360 and that will surely make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain Achievements.

Trick: Get all the characters and types of weapons

To do this trick you have to have a friend who has Gears of War 3 and another Xbox 360 that has unlocked or installed all the characters and types of weapons (they can also be obtained through DLC's). Download the files of all the appearances of the weapons and all the characters, put them in a USB and open it, with the files of appearances and open characters pass them to the USB. Insert the USB into the console and transfer the data.

Trick: How to mislead the Enemy in a duel

In this video I show you how to mislead an enemy so you can kill him easily.

Trick: How to get off the bridge on the Swamp map

In this video it is shown how to throw yourself from the bridge to the ground, on the Map `` Swamp ''.

Trick: How to dodge the ink grenade

This video shows how to dodge an ink grenade to kill the one who threw it at you.

Secret trick with a gun

In this video you see a secret trick to point to the left

Azura Hideaway Trick

One of the best hiding places in the game.

Sniper Rifle Trick

Trick to kill more easily with the sniper rifle and be a real sniper.

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