Change the language: 1. - Create a folder in my documents, you can put any name to the folder, but do not lose sight of it or do not close it. 2. - In another window go to the folder where you installed the game: C: Program Files EA GAMESNeed For Speed Underground 2 3. - See the folder called Languages and copy the following files that appear in that folder to the folder you created in my documents: • • Spanish 4. - After we copy them, we place ourselves in the folder we create in my documents and change their names without losing the order in which they are, as follows: • we change it to the following name and extension: agree .eng • Spanish we change it to the following name: English 5. - After we rename the two files, we copy them back to the Languages folder that is located in the game folder that is: C: Program Files EA GAMESNeed For Speed Underground 2 6. - A window will appear where you want to replace the files? we say yes to everything 7. - You run your game and READY! this in Spanish.


Enter the following codes and press ENTER: davidchoeart: David Choe ad. gimmechingy: Chingy Navigator ad. gottaedge: Vinyl in career mode. opendoors: The Doors ad. ordermybaby: 1,000 dollars in race mode and unlock Nissan Skyline and Mazda RX-8 in fast race. Regmebaby: $ 20,000 in the race. Regmybank: 200 extra dollars in the race. shinestreetbright: ShinestStreet ad. tunejapantuning: Japantuning ad. wannacapone: Capone ad. wintmyd3: Ad D3. yodogg Snoop: Dogg ad. Here you have a special trick: On the home screen we write: TUNEJAPANTUNING When we hear a noise we will know that the trick is fine. More codes: shinestreetbrigh: Shine Street vehicle yodogg: Dodge Snoop Vehicle wantmyd3: Vehicle D3 Unlock some box 2 of spare parts in fast race: Write on the Home screen: needperformance2 and you will hear a sound that will confirm it. gimmevisual2: Unlock Level 2 in car accessories in the "Quick Race" mode. gimmevisual1: Unlock Level 1 in car accessories in the "Quick Race" mode.

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