Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty is a title that follows in the footsteps of one of the most famous franchises of all time. It is a first-person shooter full of different modes that will maximize its playability. Initially, it was more focused on the campaign mode, but they have focused on their online mode since the Black Ops saga is characterized by the fun of bringing down opponents controlled by people from around the world.

More fluid online games

The multiplayer mode has been improved to offer a much more satisfying experience . Unlike the previous titles, in Black Ops 4 we will have the multiplayer mode as the central axis of the story. Each player will control a character with special resources that will be vital to advance the adventure. Each player can choose how to improve their specialists. As they get points, they can customize their player more.

The mythical zombie mode

One of the most clear features of this title is its zombie mode . The objective of the shower mode is to endure hordes and hordes of zombies, preventing them from reaching your position. In this mode you will also find new characters with very deep stories.

Improvements in the graphic aspect

The graphic section has also been greatly improved: not only will we have tremendously realistic graphics , but the classic slowdowns are avoided when all the enemies gathered on the stage . This is especially noticeable in zombie mode; Even if the screen is filled with these curious enemies, the experience will remain the most fluid.

For all those lovers of the Call of Duty universe, they should try Black OPS 4 . It will be an experience that will not disappoint you.

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