Critical Ops is a very successful clone of the classic Counter Strike, now exclusively for smartphone or tablet. The premise of the game is the same: two teams, one from CT and the other from Terrorists, try to win matches with different goals. Players accustomed to the quick matches and the type of shot of the CS will not be surprised by Critical Ops, obviously, apart from the different controls. Follow our tips and strategies to start accumulating frags and moving up in rank.

1. Know the three game modes

There are three different modes in Critical Ops: Kill, Kill and Arsenal. Mata-Mata is very simple, as the name implies. Your team needs to get more kills than the enemy team before the time limit expires. This is the ideal mode for novice gamers: there is little concern with tactics or teamwork. When you already understand the mechanics of the game, try the other modes. Disarming is a more tactical mode where one team needs to place a bomb at certain locations on the map while the other team tries to stop it. The match can be won by eliminating the entire opposing team, detonating the bomb in place or defusing the bomb after it is placed. Arsenal mode has 15 levels. You start with a weapon and according to the eliminations you make it increases in level, switching to another weapon. The weapons are not in order of damage. The last level is the Knife. The match has no time limit.

2. Try all weapons

Choose a weapon that matches your style of play and is suitable for the map on which you are going to play. Very aggressive players prefer shotguns and assault rifles. More patient players prefer sniper guns. Try to know each type of weapon, as well as its qualities and defects. You can switch weapons whenever you are eliminated.

3. Tactical thinking

Move tactically across the terrain. Watch out for corners, doors and open areas without cover. Use the button to crouch and jump to make it difficult for your enemies to aim. A stopped target is a dead target.

4. Recharge your weapon frequently

Recharge your weapon always, in the quietest moments or after a firefight, however brief. Imagine you're exchanging shots and hear the "dead man's click" because you didn't load your gun when you could. Perfectly avoidable.

5. Shoot for the head

Headshot is the fastest (and safest) way to eliminate your enemies. However, even if this one-shot elimination is not achieved, head shots do much more damage.

6. Play as a team

Protect your team and it will protect you. Learning to play as a team is very important to achieve good results, especially in ranked mode. Even if you are a casual gamer, you earn points for assistance.

7. Use the radar

In the upper left corner of the screen there is a radar. In addition to identifying your teammates, you can also observe the position of enemies. Use it to your advantage, but remember that enemies also have one.

8. Do the Daily Missions

Complete daily missions to earn gold. In addition to getting to know the different weapons better, you can use your gold to buy different skins. If your phone doesn't run smooth Critical Ops, try installing the game on your PC .

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