Overwatch is a unique game, where you cannot just shoot at your enemies to win the game. In fact, it takes strategy and teamwork to get along and get up in the game. If you're just starting out, check out these 7 super tips that will help a lot.

1. Understand the different roles of heroes

In Overwatch , each character has their role and there are four major classes in which they can fit.
  • Offensive: these heroes can do a lot of damage and, depending on the situations, they can have different roles in the team.
  • Defense: good for holding captured points, these heroes create a defense that is difficult to break, either in the elimination of enemies or in their control.
  • Tank: there are two types of tanks: those that are the anchor, where the rest of the team gathers protected by shields, or the aggressive ones, that pressure the opposing team.
  • Support: These heroes were made to support the rest of the team, either healing allies or creating defenses and shields.

2. Start with simple heroes

If you are starting the game now, you will not want to take a very difficult character tactically. Therefore, Blizzard helps in this regard, showing the different levels of difficulty of each hero. It is recommended that you start by experimenting with offensive heroes, as there is no need for great coordination with the team. The simplest ones are Pharah, Reaper, Soldier: 76 and Bastion . When you feel a little more confident, you can try Reinhardt, Roadhog or Mercy to find out about the other more specific functions of the game. Eventually, you will end up experimenting with all the heroes available and choosing the most suitable ones for you and for each situation. Check out this guide to get along with Reaper!

3. Different maps for different purposes

In each match, you will have specific goals to accomplish without killing as many opponents as possible. There are actually four types of maps:
  • Assault: one team has to capture a specific point while the other team has to prevent it from happening.
  • Escort: attackers have to navigate the map by escorting a cargo to a delivery location. Defenders will have to pull the charge back, shooing away the opposing team.
  • Hybrid: these maps combine assault with escort. The game begins with the objective of capturing or defending a point that, when successfully caught, releases a charge that needs to be escorted.
  • Control: both teams will fight for a goal. To capture a point, you have to chase the opposing team for a certain time until it reaches 100%.

4. A team cooperation game

Something that makes Overwatch different from other online shooting games is its need for strategy to be successful. Here, individual glory has no place, but achieving a team goal . This means that sometimes you need to be careful in choosing the hero. Ideally, your team should be composed of at least one offensive hero, two defensive players , a tank and a support Learn here to play with Mercy, one of the main healers in the game!

5. Being smart is more important than being quick

In Overwatch , it's not a good idea to run around the map, pressing your opponent without strategy. In fact, you should carefully plan your position on the map and coordinate your attacks with the rest of the team. This is especially important if you are playing support, as you need to be well positioned and secure in order to help allies. Know the maps well and be aware of the sound effects of the game to act according to the dangers.

6. Don't spare bullets

That's the best advice for Overwatch . Shoot whenever possible , even when opponents are covered by shields. Even if you are a support character and your damage done is not significant, your opponent will always be conditioned by the shots. In addition, ammunition is unlimited and its main power is reloaded whenever you fire.

7. Distract your enemies

Time is a very important concept in Overwatch and you will have an advantage whenever your enemy is not as fast as you would like. Try to get enemies to chase you for a while or block your way to make sure they don't reach points in time to make a difference in the course of the match. See how to take advantage of Tracer to flank enemy defenses!

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