5 essential tips for beginners in Tales of Wind!

Tales of Wind (or Laplace M) is considered a direct competitor to Ragnarok Mobile. The game is an open-world RPG with cute graphics and mechanics already known by fans of the genre, mixed with others coming from MOBAs. However, Tales of Wind also has some innovative features that can take many novice players by surprise. About these mechanics, we brought some tips for you. Check out below 5 tips for beginners in Tales of Wind!

1. Enhance your equipment slots whenever possible

Tales of Wind has an interesting mechanic that differs from basically all RPGs. Contrary to what you might imagine, when you upgrade a piece of equipment, it's not the item that gets the upgrade, but the slot. This means that you don't have to wait for the best weapons and armor in the game to start spending on upgrades. So, unlike what you would do in other games, invest in equipment upgrades as soon as possible. This will make the slot up, and even if you switch items, the level will be maintained.

2. Equip your cards as soon as possible

This tip is especially aimed at players who came from Ragnarok. Unlike what happens there, in Tales of Wind you can reuse cards, that is, the cards are not stuck in a single piece of equipment, so you don't have to worry about saving them for the future. That way, no matter what equipment you have, make use of the cards and, when you get superior equipment, just retrieve the card and equip it again.

3. Use the True Vision

True Vision is the eye icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Using it reveals items hidden in the scenery, allowing you to get more XP, fragments of gold card, fragments of stars, etc.

4. Increase your battle rating fast

In Tales of Wind, BR stands for “battle rating” and is basically your level in relation to combat. This value defines your strength more than your own character level. To increase your BR, focus your attention on the golden equipment. This is because this equipment brings extra effects (usually attribute bonuses) that are not offered by other categories. These effects are primarily responsible for increasing your BR.

5. Capture Guardian Eggs with Egg Nets

When using the Egg Net item you are teleported to an area where you can find Guardian Eggs. These items provide pets that can be "equipped" to offer bonus attributes and help with combat. Basically, in Tales of Wind you need to see pets as extra equipment. So always have one equipped.

6. Extra general tips

  • Complete daily quests;
  • Log in every day (even if you don't play) to earn rewards;
  • Keep an eye on the minimap to find challenges and quests;
  • Enter a guild;
  • In the first levels (above 10), focus on the Card Kingdom and the Equipment Kingdom;
  • Try to play as a team as much as possible, given that group quests offer better rewards;
  • Manage your farm to get extra items and equipment.
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