24 old PC games you'll want to play again

If you had a PC in the 90s, you were certainly a happy gamer . The best games on the platform were released at that time. Today they are considered old or classic, they were so good. See what these games are and understand why they were so successful!

1. Prince of Persia - 1989

Anyone who knows the Prince of Persia on PlayStation 3 does not imagine that the game had an initial version for PC. At the time it was a great advance for the quality of animation that it possessed. The movements were very realistic, and the fact that the protagonist used swords and not firearms was also innovative, since it was something unusual. Just like the most recent titles in the franchise, the first Prince of Persia was known for puzzles. It was a game that required patience and reasoning. In this version, the deadly traps that the protagonist should avoid at all costs were introduced. The most interesting thing about this game is that you had an "x" time to finish the game and fulfill the objective. In some versions it was 2 hours, but the most common was just 1 hour. So: did you face this challenge?

2. Duke Nukem - 1991

Duke Nukem is one of the main shooting games in the history of video games. The first version of the game was released in 1991, in the platform style. The player controlled Duke Nukem himself, in stages whose objective was to kill enemies and destroy objects in the scene. Virtually anything in the stages was susceptible to destruction. Players earned points for each enemy or object destroyed. In addition, important items, life powerups , could be obtained this way. The game was divided into episodes, and at the end of each episode you had to face a typical Big Boss . A really cool point about this first Duke Nukem , as well as the next two sequences, was the fact that you could get up to 10,000 points per stage - except for the last one. For that, it was necessary to fulfill secret objectives in each phase of the chapter. Something that, without being detonated, could be quite time consuming.

3. Wolfenstein 3D - 1992

Yes, the Wolfenstein franchise is quite old. It was one of the first games to be inspired by the Second World War. The mission was to escape from Wolfenstein Castle, a Nazi prison, to perform other crucial tasks in the fight against Hitler's soldiers. The game was considered quite violent for the time, which is why it became so popular. Many shooter- style games were based on this game , which set the stage for the creation of several similar genres. Wolfenstein 3D featured very rudimentary 3D graphics. First-person gameplay was set in levels. Each level was a Nazi bunker , and to get to the next level, you had to kill enemies and reach an elevator. It was only in 1995 that the game code was released, beginning, from 2001, the restart of the franchise.

4. Aladdin - 1993

Alladin was successful on several platforms. It was no different on the PC! The iconic story of the commoner who finds a magic lamp and flies on a rug was remarkable in the 90s. In the game the goal is to save Princess Jasmine from the villain Jafar. To do this, Aladdin must face enemies, solve puzzles and go through stages full of challenges. The game was quite difficult, something consistent with the other platform games of the period. He was very faithful to the Disney cartoon, which made the children who were fans of the film go crazy and wanted to get their hands on that title at any cost. Aladdin is so worshiped that he was relaunched on Steam and will have a relaunch on PlayStation 4.

5. DOOM - 1993

Controversial, popular and very played, DOOM made the head of many first-person shooters . It was one of the games that most popularized network games. In addition, it allowed the players themselves to create expansions. Its fame was so great that for years it was said that other shooting games of the 90s were just copies of DOOM . In terms of gameplay , however, it does not bring anything as innovative. Each stage forces players to look for the exit, while surviving enemies, obstacles in the scenario and even the scenarios coming apart around the character. The levels are full of secret rooms and mazes, which required hours to clear the game .

6. FIFA 94 - 1993

Today the FIFA franchise rules virtual football, but it was not always so. FIFA 94 was not an exquisite game like the 20 , but it brought innovations to the genre, which make it an unforgettable game . It was the first to have an isometric field, with diagonal TV transmission. There were tactical schemes that were actually respected by the players. In previous games, his team just ran across the lawn anyway. Climate changes were added that interfered with the athletes' performance. The presence of a referee on the field and the whimsy in the stadium's sounds are other positive points.

7. The Need for Speed ??- 1994

Amazingly, this is one of the versions of Need for Speed that fans of the franchise love most. Many consider that the mechanics of the title are the closest to reality in relation to the games that followed. A consultancy was carried out with a car magazine, which helped to convey reality to the game . This first edition already featured cars from famous brands such as Dodge, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche. Police chase in the midst of local traffic was one of the game's most positive points, which remained in future titles. Despite having only 8 cars and not having customization, it was one of the best PC car simulators.

8. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans - 1994

The classic of real-time strategy games was a milestone in the genre. He put the player in the shoes of Orcs or Humans. With the exception of mystical units, they were very similar peoples in terms of units and buildings. You should choose one side and face the other. It was basically collecting resources, building a base, building an army and defeating the enemy. The possibility of playing against other players also existed, and it has always been a positive aspect of the game . The presence of wild animals in the scenes in the midst of battles made the game difficult, but these animals could be controlled. Although limited in many ways, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans is one of the most respected games in history.

9. Worms - 1995

Worms was super different in the proposal and so it was successful. You controlled a group of armed worms that were supposed to destroy enemy worms. The game could be played in multplayer or alone against the computer. The coolest thing was to have a real arsenal at your disposal, with pistols, bombs and even explosive sheep. The game was played in stages, with each stage divided into turns. Whoever eliminated enemy worms won first. Each game could last minutes or even more than an hour, depending on the skill of each player in defending himself. Even today Worms is successful on both the PC and other platforms.

10. Command & Conquer - 1995

Another beautiful real-time strategy game. In the game we have two factions in a world war. Both compete for control of a mysterious substance called Tiberium. The mission is to build a base, collect resources, assemble armies and attack enemy bases. It was successful because it was a strategy game set in modern times. It was a difficult game , which required even reasoning and intelligence to be won. The possibility of playing online with up to 4 other players was a good asset of the title.

11. Civilization II - 1996

One of the most beloved turn-based strategy games of all. It allowed to choose between 21 peoples to initiate a civilization and to evolve it until the contemporary age. Basically it was very similar to Age of Empires , but with a lot more freedom in terms of the evolution of peoples and in gameplay. The game allowed you to play against up to 6 other civilizations, on maps that you defined, always starting in 4000 BC It won whoever conquered all enemies, who colonized the Moon or who resisted until 2020 AD, then the points of each people were counted.

12. Quake - 1996

Quake fought a healthy battle with Unreal . Those were two of the main PC shooting games for a long time. In the case of Quake , it was famous for being the first game of its kind with 3D graphics. It was divided into 4 episodes, with a total of 28 stages. The multiplayer site and online were two "plus" very interesting. The game's soundtrack is another point worth mentioning. It was composed by Trent Reznor, lead singer of the band Nine Inch Nails. The heavy sound throughout the game is a hallmark of the franchise, which has several references to Reznor's musical group. The general objective of Quake's phases is to find the exit from the 28 phases. To do this you have to face several enemies, solve small puzzles and find secret rooms.

13. Diablo - 1996

Diablo is legendary and needs no introduction. It is an action RPG in the style of hack n 'slash , whose story takes place in a world of darkness, magic and medieval warriors. When it was launched, it immediately won over many players. Mainly because it connected to table RPGs, bringing many of these players to the PC. The wide range of quests and enemies is the hallmark of the game. Evolving your avatar , gaining weapons and armor and learning new spells could trap players for hours. Many missions were not mandatory, and the game was one of the first to have a more "open" and less limited character in the genre.

14. GTA 1 - 1997

Today many who play GTA V do not know the thrill of playing with the first edition of the franchise. In narrative terms it is almost the same: you are a criminal who does jobs for gansters . As you become famous, you will attract the attention of great mobsters and the police. The GTA 1 was going through several fictitious cities. Each had different enemies and allies, which brought personality to the game . Anyone who knows the first games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise knows that the camera was aerial. The map was relatively large for the time, being released for exploration without the need to carry out missions. Although it was almost banned even before its release, GTA 1 was a smashing success. It was a unique game from the beginning, featuring the iconic Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City. It was a mandatory game in the 90s, as there was nothing like it at the time.

15. Carmageddon - 1997

Carmageddon is one of the most violent and controversial games on the PC. It was even banned in Brazil due to its controversial theme. It was based on a film starring Stallone, Death Race 2000 . The objective of the game, as it appears in the film, was to win races. However, runners gained more points if they hit pedestrians. The idea was a race without rules. Destroying the other cars and killing everyone on the track could win him a victory. In Brazil and Europe there were versions that replaced people with robots or zombies. Even though it was banned in just a week of its launch, Carmageddon attracted the interest of thousands of Brazilians.

16. Fallout - 1997

Although the story of Fallout is futuristic, it brings elements of World War II and the Cold War. The nuclear threat is the main motto of the game . In it, the player travels through a devastated world, where he needs to solve several missions. It is one of the first games to bring the concept of different endings. The player's actions and choices will completely interfere at the end of the narrative. Virtually all missions can be accomplished in different ways than expected, which completely enriches the game. It is not for nothing that the franchise remained at the top and today has several titles released.

17. Ultima Online - 1997

Ultima Online was once one of the three most played MMORPGs of all time. It puts hundreds of players in the world of Ultima, where they must interact with each other and with the world to evolve their avatars . That game was in 1997 what The Elder Scrolls Online is today. Ultima Online's strong point was not focusing so much on killing random characters, but on the interaction between players. The title was successful in allowing real people to talk and spend time in a virtual world. There is no story to follow, and the map was virtually unlimited. In that sense, it was the perfect game for those who wanted a more exploratory RPG, focused on collecting resources and not battles.

18. Age of Empires - 1997

Age of Empires is one of Microsoft's most successful franchises. She started shyly in 1997, focusing on real-time strategy, bringing important events in world history. The first Age focused on showing events that took place in Africa, Asia and Europe, in the antiquity periods. It also brought a very interesting expansion pack, The Rise of Rome , focused on the rise of the Roman Empire. Although the first edition of the game was a bit confusing in terms of gameplay, it convinced and pleased for many years. Building civilizations, building armies and going into epic battles were the main strengths of playing Age of Empires . The success was such that more than 10 games related to the franchise have been released since then!

19. Half-Life - 1998

Another futuristic-themed game that has been a tremendous success. In it we take control of a physicist who needs to escape a laboratory after experiments with teleportation have gone wrong. He is a first person shooter , with puzzle solving for progression in missions. Half-Life has received more than 50 game awards of the year. He laid the foundation for a successful franchise and even for the genre. He was a pioneer, as he did not use cutscenes to explain the story. The player rarely lost control of the character, which was highly praised at the time.

20. StarCraft - 1998

This is perhaps the most played real-time strategy game of all time. Even today, there are still countless servers that support the game . It features 3 "factions": Terrans, Protoss and Zerg. The game has 3 campaigns, each dedicated to a specific faction and with its own narrative. StarCraft requires players to build bases and military units. To do this, they must collect specific resources. The objective is to eliminate enemies controlled by the computer. Blizzard, the game's developer , also made servers available for players to meet on LAN to play together. Even with the launch of StarCraft II , we found that the first title is much more cultured than the second.

21. Unreal Tournament 99 - 1999

Unreal Tournament 99 was way ahead of its time. Despite not having the best graphics of the time, in terms of gameplay it was fascinating. Players could face the single player Campaign mode , defeating enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. But they could also, if they wanted, play online . You could play in up to 6 different game modes, some of which are very famous today. Case of Deathmatch and Capture the flag . In the game there were 12 weapons, all of which had two different types of shots. You could vary between pistols, machine guns and even plasma weapons. Today Unreal is not a cult franchise, but in the 90s and early 2000s it was an absurd success among PC gamers.

22. SimCity 3000 - 1999

SimCity 3000 is not the first in the franchise, but it is one of the best of the 90s. It has evolved the mechanics of the previous title very well, making this game more realistic. He was the first to introduce a waste management system and to allow partnerships between his city and a neighboring city. In that game, famous sights such as the Eiffel Tower were added. The player could choose 10 of them to add to the city. In addition, there were improvements in the underground system, and graphically the textures of the buildings were smoother. In expanded versions of SC3K , the player could modify the style of the buildings, choosing between American, Asian and European.

23. Commandos - 1999

Commandos was innovative for the time it was released, as it had unique gameplay mechanics. The player took control of a group of soldiers who needed to carry out various missions during World War II. There were 20 phases, which were divided between Europe and Africa. The missions were the most varied. Sabotage, murder, rescue of allies, among other tasks. Players could see the entire map, in order to analyze what the best strategy they should follow. For that time, this freedom was celebrated by players and critics. This is considered one of the most difficult games of the 90s and one of the most complicated in history. Despite not having a great variation in gameplay , it received expansion and even sequels, which attracted a loyal audience of players.

24. The Sims 1 - 2000

The Sims 1 is undoubtedly the latest title on our list of old PC games. Needless to say, the uproar it caused when it was released. He was completely in 2D and was one of the first to present the possibility of simulating human life almost completely. Like other more recent titles in the franchise, the characters had three evolutionary stages: newborn, child and adult. Everything a person does in real life you could and should do in The Sims 1 . Eating, working, exercising, going to the bathroom and sleeping were basic things and part of the gameplay . At the time the game received some negative reviews for logical flaws. Some children never became adults, and adults did not grow old. The weekend concept didn't exist, which made Sims work 7 days a week. Still, it was an unquestionable success. Proof of this is that we are already in issue 4! See the best weak PC games in all genres!

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