12 Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods to boost your travels!

Many people wonder what it's like to be a trucker. Good: with Euro Truck Simulator 2 you can know more or less how the footprint is. The game itself is already quite fun, but it manages to get even better with the mods created by the game community . And we separated a Top 10 with the best modifications! See below!

1. Radios from Brazil

DOWNLOAD Like any good trucker, you must enjoy listening to the radio on your travels. After all, without a good song it is quite boring to drive hundreds or thousands of kilometers. This mod changes the game radio and brings the best known Brazilian stations! To make you feel "at home" while "working".

2. Do not pay fines to the police

DOWNLOAD Nobody likes to be fined in traffic, so installing this mod is very important. It will prevent the police from taking money from you in the following situations:
  • Car accidents
  • When you don't sleep
  • When going in the wrong direction
  • Do not turn on the headlights at night
  • Passing the speed limit

3. Brazilian roads

DOWNLOAD This mod brings practically all the main Brazilian roads and capitals to the game. He's really huge! In addition, common commercial buildings in Brazil were added along the paths taken by the player. It is one of the coolest mods , as it greatly transforms the experience.

4. No damage to trucks

DOWNLOAD Super necessary! Eventually you will damage your monster in an accident. As mild as these damages are, it is better not to have to apply for insurance, carry fines and be without work. So install this modification and you will no longer have to worry about damage to the trucks.

5. Random accidents in the middle of the roads

DOWNLOAD Even listening to a BR radio, it may be that your trip is really massive. Nothing happens, despite the beautiful scenery along the way. This mod makes things "lively" as it adds random accidents. Like the one in the picture, which makes you wonder why a truck is transporting a fighter jet.

6. GTA V traffic

DOWNLOAD Remember those super fast and expensive cars in GTA V? How about adding them to Euro Truck Simulator 2 traffic? Of course you will be left with that envy wanting to drive a super machine while driving your truck. But at least you will be able to hear those furious sounds passing by you!

7. State-of-the-art graphics

DOWNLOAD A mod aimed at improving the graphics of the game. He tries to bring visual details closer to reality, focusing on the textures of roads, cars and landscapes.

8. Optimus Prime

DOWNLOAD The Big Boss of the Autobots could not be missing from this list of mods . You don't even need to explain much about it: put your foot on the gas and travel around Europe in your Optimus Prime. Too bad he didn't even become a giant robot ...

9. HD and colorful map

DOWNLOAD The map in Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not very good. It has no colors, which, for some, may impair the understanding of the routes and paths to follow. This mod leaves everything in HD and completely colorful.

10. Unlock parts of trucks and trailers

DOWNLOAD The modification in question adds trailer truck parts available in the game. According to the creator of the mod , they are ALL parts. Even if it is not, it already considerably increases your range of options when customizing a vehicle.

11. Realistic weather events

DOWNLOAD Dense fog, heavy rain and even hair-raising thunder on the back of the neck are added to the game. We know that all of this already exists, but when you see the realism of weather events with this mod you will understand what we are talking about.

12. Free fuel

DOWNLOAD Finally, the best mod of all! Without gasoline there is no joke, why not pay more for fuel? This is exactly what happens once you install the mod and start playing. Use the HTML Cheat Sheet for color picker, search for special HTML characters, get examples of the most common tags and generate any tags.

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