10 Tips for Good Duo and Squad on Free Fire

To play Duo (duo) or Squad (4 players) on Free Fire, you have to do a good team work. It is very important to have good communication with your partner and learn some techniques that help a lot. As a pair or squad, you can take advantage of many situations in the game, but your connection with your partner must be well tuned. Check out our tips and learn how to improve.

1. ALWAYS communicate with microphone

Communicating with your partner is essential for good results, and there is no better way than using the microphone. Still, it is important that you communicate simply and clearly. You don't have to say long sentences and explain in full detail what is going on. If you want to indicate an enemy nearby, just say "enemy!" or say "front of house" to be more assertive. Remember that if you are talking about everything but the game, it will be more difficult to create good communication.

2. Use compass to indicate location

The compass at the top of the game screen is undoubtedly the best tool for maintaining good communication with your partner. Through the coordinates, you can perfectly indicate what you are seeing. For example, if you need help eliminating an enemy, simply tell your partner the number that indicates the compass: "Enemy at 110". This makes it much easier than saying that someone is "hiding in the fourth tree after the second house."

3. Mark places on the map

Even before jumping off the plane, you must mark on the map where you want to fall for your partner to go after. Any player on the team can mark the desired location on the map and this is very important for everyone to follow the same path. During the game, you don't have to open the map, if you look at the compass at the top of the screen, you'll know if you're on the right track. You can mark any position on the map at any time of the match. Know where to loot on the Bermuda map!

4. Maintain 360º security

One of the great advantages of team playing is that you are not as unprotected as playing alone. Whenever one player moves forward, the other covers and watches his back. This way you will be able to maintain a 360 degree safe area. This is a widely used military strategy that ensures the safety of team members. If you stay closed in a home, it is really important not to stay together and share the coverage of the entrances with your partners.

5. Don't always walk too close

When you are moving somewhere on the map it is important not to run along with your partner. If you get caught by some hidden pair, the chances of survival will be much lower. The ideal is to walk slightly apart. That is, knowing that they are close to each other but not glued together. If only one player is attacked and falls, the other being a little farther away will have a chance to eliminate the enemies and still have time to save the partner. Even better when one partner covers the ground while the other moves.

6. Heal safely

Since we are talking in case someone on the team is shot down, it is very important to go to your partner very carefully. It's no use putting yourself in danger and being shot down too. Ideally, shoot down enemies before healing your partner or at least look for a protected place. The knocked out partner can also crawl to a more protected location, facilitating healing.

7. Don't immediately go to the enemy's loot shot down

It is a big mistake to rush to the loot when killing an enemy. First because other players may have heard the shooting and they are waiting for someone to approach, second because if that enemy's partner is still alive, he will want revenge. Before going to the loot, you need to make sure you have shot down all team members or if they have already fled far away. Do not be rushed and always play calmly and intelligently.

8. Share Loot with Partner

It is important to know which loot your partner has already picked up and if he is in need of something. At the beginning of the game it is sometimes tricky to find the best loot, so try to keep your team's equipment balanced. Always be aware if anyone needs any weapons, bandages or vests.

9. Use vehicles to move around

Vehicles can be used by more than one person and you have to make the most of it. As one drives, the other player watches to know where the enemies are going. As soon as someone starts shooting, you should leave the vehicle a little away and hunt down the enemies.

10. Train hard with the same partners

Ideally, always have your team well defined and play with the same people. If you are in a guild, it is easier to combine to play. If you play with people you don't know, all these tips are always harder to follow, as communication will never be the same. Find out here how to create or join a guild!

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