CS: GO commands allow the player to access the console and make changes to the game. There are several very useful commands that will help a lot in your matches. None of these commands are cheats and can be used smoothly in competitive mode. Changes in FPS, radar and audio can make a big difference in the game. To enable the console, you first need to go to the Game Options and then to "Yes" the "Enable Developer Console" option. Now, just hit the "(quotation mark) key at any time to display the console and enter the commands.

+ cl_show_team_equipment

With this command you will be able to see which equipment your team players are wearing. The information will pop up over your head and this also allows you to see them through the walls or even inside smoke. It's a very cool command.

net_graph 1

This is a must for most CS: GO players. With this command, you get very useful information like FPS (frames per second) and PING (server-client response in milliseconds).

fps_max 0

This command will allow you to get as much FPS as possible from your PC. When you activate it, you will notice the difference immediately and this will greatly improve the fluidity of the matches.

mm_dedicated_search_maxping 50

This command will set the maximum PING to 50. If your internet connection is good, the system will always look for a server near you.

voice_scale 0.3

Who has never played with noisy players screaming for everything? This command lets you lower your voice volume to a reasonable level - you'll be able to hear your team well and stay focused on the game.

cl_use_opens_buy_menu 0

When using this command, you will disable the E key to open the buy menu. This is very useful as it will avoid entering the menu when you pick up a weapon from the ground.

cl_radar_always_centered 0

With this command, your radar will no longer be centered. This will give you a much broader perspective of the entire radar. Check out the difference picture.

cl_radar_scale 0.4

This command increases the scale of your radar. You can zoom out to gain more scale on the map. The ideal ranges are between 0.3 and 0.7. Test and find out which scale is best for you.

cl_disablefreezecam 1

This command will disable freezecam after you die. For many players, this is very annoying. And as no one likes to lose, any little thing can bother you a lot.


With this command, you skip the intro videos when you start CS: GO. You could hit ESC, but you don't have to do anything anymore and save precious seconds. There are also changes you can make to aim to improve your shot. Learn how to create the perfect aim and don't miss a shot again! Also learn the indispensable commands for training!

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