10 best puzzle and puzzle games for PC!

In puzzle games our mission is to solve puzzles and riddles to discover some mystery. These are simple and fast games, but very challenging! If you have a detective spirit and like this type of game , this article is for you! We bring you 5 puzzle games for PC that you need to play now!

1. Portal 2

Portal 2 is undoubtedly one of the best games of its kind. It mixes puzzle with action and puts the player to solve different puzzles in rooms and chambers. The mission in each room, following the formula of the first game, is to find the portal that will lead to the next environment. At each location, Chell, the robot protagonist of the game, must use the player's thinking to overcome enemies and obstacles. Although the gameplay is focused on escaping from place to place, until reaching the end of the title, there are many surprises in each environment.

2. The Witness

The Witness is primarily an exploration game. The gameplay , like Portal 2, is all in the first person. There you are on an island, divided into 11 sections. The objective is to obtain a gold box in each section, to reach the top of the mountain in the center of the island. The whole place is full of puzzles . There are dozens of them, several of which are optional. All puzzles follow the same structure: trace a path through a maze from a starting point to an arrival. It is therefore a very challenging and perfect game for those who like to train their brains!

3. The Talos Principle

Another independent game that will make you break your head. In it you take control of a robot with human consciousness, very similar to the Chell of Portal 2. The idea is to explore environments with more than 120 puzzles . These environments vary between deserts, ruins, forests and other locations. The coolest thing about this game is that it has a whole mythical narrative behind it. You will discover this as you collect symbols, solve puzzles and progress through the game . You can play in both first and third person.

4. Inside

Whoever played Limbo will certainly like Inside. Mainly because he is from the same company and is considered his spiritual successor. Here you also control a boy who must escape death. To do so, he must progress in the scenario, solving very complicated puzzles . It is a 2.5D platform game. The world is monochromatic, practically silent, which gives it that horror game atmosphere. The movements are simple and limited, including climbing, swimming, running and climbing.

5. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

This first-person game is one of the most mysterious on this list. It takes place in a small village in England, and its narrative puts us in search of understanding why everyone in the village disappeared. All the player does is interact with floating lights that fly around the city, in addition to objects left by humans. The gameplay is more exploratory than actually solving the puzzles . The enigma is in the story, which is complex and full of meanings. Even those who reach the end of the game usually do not understand what is happening. But a tip: it's about the end of the world.

6. Myst

Myst is the oldest game on our list. It is from 1993 and is therefore a classic! In this game you are transported to an island. On this island you will need to investigate this fictional and interactive world, while trying to find out why you ended up there. There are a number of puzzles and logical challenges, especially when you discover 4 new worlds from the island of Myst. Each world has a different visual aspect, with its own meanings. The whole adventure is in first person.

7. The Room

A 3D puzzle game , with a narrative background that only serves to guide the player's initial actions. The goal is to solve the mystery of 4 boxes, to finally open them. At the end, you get a mini box, which must also be opened. The difficult thing is to open them all, since they require a lot of logical reasoning. The Room is very simple, with mechanics that could very well be from a mobile game. But that doesn't make this title any less fun and interesting. Especially for those who like games with a high level of difficulty.

8. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Anyone who likes detective stories needs to play Ethan Carter urgently. This game is a masterpiece of the genre, mainly because it is in the open world. That is: in addition to the main plot, which is to find out why the Carter family died. Whenever he finds a body, the investigator uses a paranormal power to recreate the events. The sidequests can be puzzles or steatlh missions , which, if missed, cause the death of the player. It is an intense, beautiful game that has won several awards, mainly for its engaging narrative.

9. Her Story

You are investigating a crime. A man has disappeared, and the main suspect in the alleged crime is his wife. Your objective is to analyze the videos of her testimonials and discover what is happening in the game. The videos are super long, which forces the player to analyze only a few parts and only a few video clips. This "interactive movie" is full of twists and secrets. The cool thing is that the woman in the videos, Hannah, is really a person and not an image or video capture. This makes the game even more tense, complex and will make you bite your nails until you reach the end. Which, believe me, will surprise you.

10. Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

In Tesla Effect we have the same dynamics as the interviews and videos with actors from the game above. It is more dynamic, however, because here the player must solve puzzles , explore and even perform some action moves. There is a system of choices, which affects the end of the game according to the player's gameplay . Try the free CSS beautifier lets you easily beautify stylesheets for your websites.

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