10 Advanced Tips and Guide for Mastering Free Fire

Free Fire is a Battle Royale that despite having a simple goal to survive, you need to practice a lot. There are a lot of weapons to wield, maps to know, best places to loot, and many other details. If you are past the beginner level and have already made some wins, it is time to improve your skills and level up to Master. Check out our guide and discover some tips that can further improve your playing field performance.

1. Match characters

At this stage of the game, it is very rare to see anyone playing without a special character in ranked mode. Characters have very different special abilities , which may be more or less useful for their playing style. If you have three or more characters, you can even combine their abilities. For example, more aggressive players prefer Andrew combined with Paloma and Miguel (stronger anti-bullet vest with unlimited ability to carry AR ammunition earning EP with each kill), while more strategic players prefer Ford combined with Kelly (less gas damage with more velocity). The possibilities are huge.

2. Get ready

In Free Fire, your character can carry some items even before jumping. They are divided into basic loading items and survival items. Do not enter any match without equipping these small advantages. Survival Items
  • Bonfire: Light the fire in a safe place and regenerate your health bar.
  • Call Airdrop: Call an airdrop full of equipment in a zone of your choice.
  • Treasure Map: Use on the plane, travel to the marked location and pick up the equipment.
Basic Upload Items
  • Leg bag: the most common item. Increase your carrying capacity.
  • Armor Box: Jump now with a random vest.
  • Supply box: jump in with a medical kit or some random ammo.
  • Scanner: Know how many enemies are on the planes and detect their position during the jump.

3. Jump in the right place

This is a repeated hint in any beginner's guide in all Battle Royale style games. Even so, many players keep falling in the same places, game after game. By now you should know the maps minimally and know where to loot with some security or where to get kills quickly. If your goal is to reach the final circles, think long term. What's the point of safely looting when you can't escape the gas cloud in time? Or, what is the point of getting 15 kills at Milll and losing to a sniper? Jump in a semi-secluded spot with good loot and good escape routes, preferably with a nearby vehicle. Being consistent is the best way to uppar your patent.

4. Know the weaponry and aim

The weaponry and remaining loot you find depends a bit on luck and where you decide to jump. That's why a good Free Fire player needs to know how to play with every weapon he finds, at least until he gets a better one. Remember that you can carry three guns. Try to have one for long and medium distance and one for short distance. Pistol is not essential, but in an emergency all goes well. Throughout your playing career you will find weapon combinations that you like more than others, depending on your skill and playing style. Some players love to combine good AR with shotguns, others prefer snipers with submachine guns. Many players love AK for the damage it does despite its recoil, while others prefer the MP40's rate of fire. Whatever you do, don't try to copy other players and look for yourself. If you don't already, use your sights on "Full Control" or "Precise on Sight." The "Standard" mode is automatic and does not always work as it should, and is almost impossible to get HS. If you want to control your weaponry well there is no other way.

5. Calm with the Loot

Without loot it is not possible to win a Free Fire match. However, there are many players who, even if equipped with a vest, helmet, backpack and good weaponry, continue to loot every house they find and every box of enemies shot down. If it is safe, try. If you have to endanger yourself for another silencer and an AR charger, is it worth it? Similarly, if you're playing Squad, try sharing the loot you don't need with your buddies. The important thing is that the team is ranked well in the match and this is easier if everyone in the group has the equipment balanced. Don't be a Zé Lootinho .

6. Use vehicles well

If you like to jump in a secluded spot, you should quickly pick up a vehicle. In addition to making your map movement faster, you can also use the vehicle to reach the most advantageous locations quickly or run over less cautious enemies. Toward the end of the game, when the circles get smaller, a vehicle, even the mighty monster truck, can become a drag. The player is more visible and easier to detect by noise and vulnerable to enemy shots. It's not a rule without exception, but when in doubt, drop your car or motorcycle and fight on your feet.

7. The mini map is one of the best weapons

Super ignored, the mini map is one of Free Fire's most useful tools. In addition to placing you on the playing field, it identifies an enemy's position every time he shoots, warns of approaching vehicles, indicates the position of the drone and bombing, and notifies you of the circle and gas. Use and abuse the mini map to get faster to the right places and avoid all these dangers.

8. Use gas zone well

It is important to be able to predict where the gas zone will move to. This will allow you to plan your movements more effectively. At the beginning of the game, when the circle is the largest and takes longer to shorten, you have some freedom of movement and the gas does not take so much life. In the final circles, however, always try to get to the circle quickly to get the most advantageous spot. Observe the terrain and try to find a sheltered location with a good escape route if necessary.

9. Being in the small house is not illegal

Free Fire rooms are the best places to ambush and stay protected, especially during the final rounds of the match. Vegetation is very rare in Free Fire and, apart from some trees and rocks, there is no great chance to hide outside. Therefore, your best chance is always the houses and, if possible, their upper floors. To enter a home, it is essential to be careful about the blind spots of each room. Remember that in Free Fire there are no doors to open, so always try to use side view before entering. If you can, use the windows or other original way to enter. If you have plenty of grenades and if you have questions, hurl one into the place and then go inside. Each building has blind spots where it is relatively easy to ambush. The top of the stairs is a good, if predictable, example.

10. There is always someone there

Never assume that you are alone. A hidden camper kills in the same way as a roaring expert . Always move quickly between hiding places and obstacles, use angles to look inside houses and do not expose yourself. Always assume the worst in every situation. Likewise, don't start shootings that can't end. If attacking, attack to eliminate your enemy as quickly and as aggressively as possible. If you are consistent in your moves and the way you shoot, you will always catch your enemies in advantageous situations and get one more kill, one more victory, one more rank.

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