Zombie guide - Plants vs. Zombies (PVZ) for PC, PS3 and Android


Zombie: It's the basic zombie of the game. Walk slowly and eat your plants. He dies when you shoot him with 10 peas or spores. Standard zombie: It is exactly the same as the zombie, only it brings a flag with the drawing of a brain and is a little faster. It indicates the arrival of a great wave of zombies or a final assault. Zombie caracono: It's a zombie with a cone on his head. It is three times stronger than the normal zombie, with medium resistance. Pole vaulter: Athletic zombie who uses his pole to jump the first floor of the row. Wear sportswear. When he appears he runs fast, but after losing his pole he becomes slow like the normal zombie. It has low resistance, just like the normal zombie. Zombie Cubilitero: It's a zombie with a bucket on its head. It is five times stronger than the normal zombie. Zombie reader: Zombie who is dressed in a jacket and glasses, in addition to carrying a newspaper. When you destroy his newspaper, this zombie enrages and walks and eats with a lot of speed. As a curiosity, the word «Zombie» is written on the front page of the newspaper and brings it backwards. Zombie goalkeeper: It is a normal zombie that carries a door with mosquito net as protection. It is vulnerable to Humoseta, Magnetoseta and catapults. Zombie sportsman: He wears a football uniform. This zombie is rude, fast and very tough. The Magnetoseta removes the helmet, making it vulnerable. When eating the hypnotic is a good ally. Zombie Dancer: This zombie is a parody of singer and dancer Michael Jackson. When he appears, he and his zombie dancers do a parody dance of the song «Thriller». This character was replaced by a zombie dressed in clothes from the 70's, due to legal problems. And when you put the hypnotic the next zombies he takes are hypnotized. Extra Zombie: Zombie that appears next to Zombie Bailón in a group of four, to accompany him in his dance. If one gets killed before Zombie Bailón, another arises instead. Beach zombie : It is a normal zombie that carries a lifeguard in the form of a duckling. It has the ability to get into the pool. It can also appear with a cone, a bucket on the head or a flag. Zombie diver: He is a zombie who wears a swimsuit and snorkel. He swims underwater, being immune, until he bumps into the first floor and begins to devour it. It's very fast. His shirt says "I love brains" ("I love brains"). It is vulnerable to the Catapults, Apasionaflor and Zampalga. Zombictor: Zombie who wears winter clothes and goes in a car that leaves an ice plate where it passes, in addition to destroying the plants in its path. It is vulnerable to the Pinchohierba. If the ice sheet is long enough, Bobsleigh Zombies will appear on it. They can melt with Jalapeños. Bobsleigh Zombie : Zombie that appears in teams of four on a red sled. Both the zombies and the sled are little resistant. Zombie with dolphin: It is a very fast zombie that appears in the pool and goes on a zombie dolphin. Skip the first obstacle. Zombie with little box: It's a crazy zombie that wears asylum clothes and a little surprise box. When it opens, the box explodes. The Magnetoseta can attract the box. Zombie with balloon: Zombie who wears children's clothes and flies in with a balloon, which makes him immune to attacks. He is vulnerable to the Cactus, which bursts his balloon, to the Trebolador, who flies him out and to the Tail of the Cat that can attack him even when he is in front of him. Chopped Zombie: It's a miner-like zombie and brings a peak with it. Dig until you reach the opposite side of the screen, and walk in the opposite direction to the other zombies. It can only be attacked by the Bipetidora, the Frustrella and the cat's tail. The patatapum can attack them. The Magnetoseta can steal your beak and will be exposed. Jumping Zombie: Bring a pogo stick with it, and use it to jump plants. It is immune to the retaining effects, not reactivating. The magnetosta can steal your stick. Zombie Yeti: This zombie is extremely strong and slow. It only appears when you play Adventure Mode for the second time. When you defeat it, it will give you 4 diamonds. The tree of wisdom clarifies that it only comes out at night. Hung Zombie: It is a zombie that only appears jumping from a bungee. When you fall steals a plant or leaves a zombie. To avoid this we can use a Paraplanta, or freeze it with frozen mushroom, explosive plants and that the plants shoot at it. Zombie climber: It is a zombie that has a mustache and carries a ladder. which he uses to overcome obstacles. In addition, other Zombies can use the ladder. The only way to eliminate the stairs after they are set is with a Magnetoseta or a Petacereza. Zombie Zombie: This zombie is similar in appearance to the Zombie Chopped. It appears in a vehicle that throws basketballs, which can be stopped by the paraplant. This zombie is also vulnerable to the Pinchohierba. Zombistein: It is a huge zombie, very strong and resistant, that carries the Zombidito behind him and throws it towards your plants. Its large size gives it a great slowness but great resistance, so much so that two explosions of the Petacerereza or the Petaseta are necessary to defeat it. In addition, it carries a mace (most of the time it uses a wooden pole but it can also carry a traffic signal or even another zombie as a mace) that destroys your plants in one fell swoop. Zombidito: It is a little zombie that brings the Zombiestein behind him. It is launched towards your plants. It has a low resistance and fast speed. Dr. Zombie: He is the final boss of the game. Control a huge robot called Zombot. Through it attacks by throwing balls of ice and fire, which can be counteracted by Jalapeños and Frozen Mushrooms, after 50% damage launches mobile homes. It also sends several zombies from the normal to the Zombistein. Always use the online WYSIWYG HTML beautifier to compose the content for your website easily. This is a website that is worth using.

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