Yellow Pokemon Cheats for GameBoy

Change color : Just turn on your Game Boy color you put the button or according to the color you want, you can also combine the arrows with the buttons to get more colors. Capture pokemon: Launch the Pokeball to capture a pokemon and press + repeatedly. This way they are easily captured. Charmander: You can find it on Route 24, to the northwest. Dodrio: You can find it in the area with a bicycle lane, although it hides quite well. Dragonair: Fishing in the Safari Zone to find it. Farfetch'd: It is located on routes 12 and 13. Graveler: It's on Victory Road. Iislas failure: Go to the safari, save the game, turn off the game boy, turn it on, record again, go to the safari, then the guard will say nothing, go out to Fuchsia city, but before you go the guard says: Welcome to the Safari Zone ... Tell him you don't want to enter, leave the safari, fly to Canela Island. From there surf to Foam Islands, stay where the cave is (where the sign is), take a few steps with the bicycle, they are the ones left over from the safari, until the Ding Dong appears, Attention the Safari game is over………… You will find yourself on the safari, get out of it and you will be in the Fallo Islands, be careful if instead of taking the steps in the Foam Islands you stay sailing where you go to the Foam Islands from Fuchsia city you will appear in the Fallo Islands but in Grass. Jolteon: Get Eevee and hit the Thunder Stone. It will evolve Jolteon. Kadabra: It is hidden on Route 8, near the Lavender Village. Truck key: Do everything explained below before the SS.Anne leaves. - Talk to the captain to give you the cut. - Weaken all your Pokemon to go to the Pokemon center. - In the Safari zone get surfing and use it in 2 Different Pokemon. - Change one of the two to another edition. - With the Pokimon that has surfing enter an island. - Talk to a Rocket and fight. - Talk to him again to ask you to push the truck with force. - Ira will run to you and give you to Mew. Give Giovani NIdoking at level 100 and he will give you the key to the truck. Magnemite: It can be found in the grass, before the entrance to the rock tunnel. Magneton: You can get it at the power plant, near Lavender Village. More surf points: When you're surfing with Pikachu, do your pirouettes until the end of the tour. On the last wave, the biggest, make a jump back and two turns forward. You will receive 500 points for the maneuver. Mew: First of all you should not challenge the Youngster (Youngster) of Route 25 who is watching our character. This opponent has a Slowpoke n17. Avoid the Gambler's gaze of Route 8 that has 2 Poliwag and a Poliwhirl all in n22. Having dodged it, you have to get the Flight Mode (Fly) to continue. Once we have the Flight, we must return to Route 8 and position ourselves in the same way that our hero is seen in the subway, since below is the Player. Here you have to save the game because if something goes wrong, everything will have to be done again. In a quick maneuver you have to go down one step and press before the player sees us and shows the sign! of battle In the menu, we select our pokemon with flight and go to Ciudad Celeste (Cerulean City) where we will verify that the player will show the sign! while the battle music plays from which we choose to fly. Once in Celestial City, the buttons will   not work until we are in battle with the young man we had not faced. We finish with your Slowpoke and prepare for one of the greatest finds in the pokemon world. After defeating the young man, we can save the game again. We return to Lavender Town (Lavender Town) and when we are leaving it towards the route where the player is, the game menu will automatically come out. The battle effect will occur immediately and we will have Mew in front of us. The pokemon New species appears at level 7 and with Destructor (Pound) as the only attack. You can catch it with a simple Poke Ball. Surf minigame: For this trick you need to have Pokemon Stadium Nintendo 64. Complete the Lathe mode of that game without using any traded pokemon. Now, transfer Pikachu to Yellow Pokemon to play the mini-game of Pikachu surfer. Pokemon plant: Against a tree with cut place in the place of the tree. Save the game, turn it off. When you turn on you will find yourself above the tree. Press all the buttons at once and you will find plant-type pokemon. To re-enter the St.anne after the ship is gone. You have to get in front of the guard that does not let you go and turn left, right, left and right, and without releasing the right direction button give the star, save, and when putting save turning off the console and then turn it on again and surf. You will go surfing on top of the guard, if you then hit it up, you will go out on the St.anne. Reset during the game: Press+++at the same time. Squirtle: Win Lt. Surge and go to Jenny's office in the center of town to tell us how to have Squirtle. Most effective types: Here you have a list with some types of Pokemon and the types against which they are most effective. This may be the key to a victory: WATER: Against Earth, Water, Rock-Earth, Rock-Water, Water-Ice, Water-Fight, Water-Psychic. BICHO: Against Plant, Psychic, Plant-Psychic. ELECTRICAL: Against Water, Normal-Flying, Fire-Flying, Water-Flying, Rock-Flying, Rock-Water, Bug-Flying, Poison-Flying, Water-Ice, Water-Poison, Water-Psychic, Ice-Flying. GHOST: Against Psychic, Plant-Psychic, Water-Psychic, Ice-Psychic. FIRE: Against Plant, Bug, Plant-Poison, Plant-Psychic, Bug-Flying, Bug-Plant, Bug-Poison, Ice-Psychic, Ice-Flying. FIGHT: Normal Contral, Rock-Earth, Rock-Water, Water-Ice. NORMAL: Against none. PLANT: Against Earth, Water, Rock-Earth, Rock-Water, Water-Ice, Water-Fight, Water-Psychic. POISON: Against Plant, Bug, Psychic, Bug-Flying, Bug-Plant. FLYER: Against Plant, Fight, Bug, Plant-Poison, Plant-Psychic, Bug-Flying, Bug-Plant, Bug-Poison, Water-Fight. Time trap in the safari area: In it you can search for strange Pokémon for a limited period of time. This is not exactly the case, there really isn't an account back in this area. What happens is that they are counting the steps you take and it is considered that it is time that passes. So if you stay still at one point, you could stay there forever and nothing would happen. So you can stay fishing in a specific place as long as you want without being kicked out of the Safari Zone. Codes for the exploder: Pikachu surfer: (without using the Transfer Pak with Pokemon Stadium) 013973D1 015564D1
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