Valkyrie Builds and Tier List Guide: Stats, Skills, and Tips

5 ?6 ?10 ? control symbol Power 7523 HP 25595 Attack 3500 Armor 632 Speed  588


Fold Move Active – 3 irregular adversaries take 123% of Assault harm and exchange 9% of their assault for 3 rounds; adversary with the most noteworthy HP takes 8% of self absolute HP consuming harm for 2 rounds. Unparalleled Bold Passive – Increment HP by 15%, assaults by 10% and Basic Possibility by 15%. Flame of the Spirit Passive– 3 arbitrary foes take 75% off Assault harm, decline Assault by 3% for 1 round and take 2% of self all out HP consuming harm for 1 round. Fire Charm Passive – At whatever point influenced by CC, take 100% of Assault mending for 2 rounds; 3 irregular adversaries take 1% of self all out HP consuming harm for 1 round.

Idle heroes Valkyrie top to bottom Survey (Post Nerf)

Post nerve, and after just about 10 audit recordings, all Upsides and downsides of Timberland hero will be clarified completely underneath! This guide will be isolated into Experts/Cons, Details in Detail, Dynamic/Detached Aptitudes, Stone Rigging/Ancient rarity, Opening Position, Comp/Cooperative energy, and PVE! Before we start completely separating Valkyrie, let me clarify what "Max Wellbeing" is. It fundamentally implies the Aggregate sum of Wellbeing she has in the genuine (battle).


A balanced range of abilities, ground-breaking harm, and utility, open, and reliable hero. She'll give an immense power spike to one's PVP and PVE line up. CC Inclined, however, isn't vigorously rebuffed for being CC. One of the most noteworthy Battle Wellbeing Pool (HP) in the amusement. Simple to rigging and obvious adapting way. Not disabled by Assault Decrease, Assault Take. Doesn't have to forfeit hostile for protective details and the other way around. The dominant part of her harm, Harm after some time (Dab), overlooks adversary heroes' Reinforcement, Harm Decrease. Assault Take (3 Adjusts) AND Assault Diminish (1 Round) Not many counters.


Her Speck harm isn't influenced by +damage details like; Heavenly Harm, Class Harm, Crit, Assault, Protection Break Her Speck harm isn't influenced by Debilitate Debuff from Kroos or Heart Watcher.

Numbers in detail

As a matter of first importance, is Valkyrie's HP. This is her go-to for survival and harm. Truly, her harm! The higher her HP amid battle, the higher her principle wellspring of harm (Speck). While different heroes, similar to Confidence Cutting edge, for instance, need to equip towards hostile details to benefit from his toolbox and slaughtering potential, which means relinquishing defensives for hostile details. Valkyrie gets remunerated for adapting towards survivability both in the offense, barrier and is recuperating. This makes her very tanky, and one of the last pieces (Chess Lord reference) to fall by and large and as examined her harm is extremely high as an end-result of stacking HP. This thus makes her steady as far as execution as she's not thumped out in an initial couple of rounds. With appropriate HP stacking gear, she can reach over 8 million battle aura less HP and past 10 million with quality of your decision. Her base Speed of 1147, not too bad as it stands. On the off chance that you got the Officer Set, you'll have extra 20 Speed (clarified in Rigging Segment). As she isn't a Group Control (CC) based hero, she doesn't generally need to stack speed, and all the CC heroes will out speed her regardless of what her base speed is. Her base Assault of 24426, is really standard for Officers. Her assault esteem influences her self-mend when she's hit by a CC impact and her Dynamic and Fundamental assault. Her assault isn't of high significance as talked about in her Dynamic/Detached Expertise clarified underneath!

Dynamic and Passives Aptitudes in Detail

Her Idle Ability Gives Max HP! Her second idle increment Valkyrie's maximum wellbeing by 35% and assault by 25%, which are multiplicative, which means separate multiplier to help her details. That is the reason she scales so well in battle. Additionally, she's the Main hero that says "increment max wellbeing." Regardless of whether it's deliberate or flavor-content, what YOU can be sure of is that she'll have one of the most elevated HP in the amusement. This implies the more HP she gains as the amusement ages with perhaps better Apparatus Sets, Stone, and Empowering, she'll acquire harm, defensives, and Recuperating through the E3 idle mend, which mends based off her missing HP. Likewise, Deer pet will mend her crazy sums as it's a percent based recuperating. This young lady can take a great deal of beating, no joke expected. An E3 Valkyrie outfitted with her Skin, portions of the Officer Set (clarified in Apparatus Area beneath), and right Stone and Antiquity will have more than 10 MILLION HP with an Emanation (fluctuates on Air). Try not to let the 5.3-5.6 million HP you see on the amusement's character sheet confound or deceive you into trusting that is all she has. A decent and simple approach to test this is by Her dynamic, fundamental, and her last aloof triggers a Spot, which is based off her Maximum HP in battle. Regardless of how much harm she has taken to bring down her all out HP, the Dab harm will be the equivalent until they present heroes that lessen heroes' maximum HP like there are heroes that decrease and take assault.

Her origin of  injuries

Can't have hero manage or any guide without Enthusiasm's Math! In Cycle 1, if Valkyrie completes an essential assault, her fundamental assault will leave a Spot which will tick after the round is finished (toward the Beginning of the following round so Cycle 2), her Speck will tick and afterward, any Mending over the long run (HoT) will recuperate after the Dab. The following round starts with heroes assaulting according to normal. Subsequently: A 600,000 Dab harm from her fundamental assault (recall however that Spot harm can and will be joined with other heroes’ Specks like Valentino's Over-burden harm), implies she has 10,000,000 HP in battle since 6% of her Maximum HP is 600,000. Presently, her Dynamic and Essential assaults' Dab keeps going one round. Be that as it may, her last aloof Speck from being CC'd hits 3 irregular adversary heroes and recuperates her doing coordinate harm and mending. On the other hand after round completions, which implies 1 CC arriving on her equivalents her completing a fundamental assault. Along these lines, at 10 million HP, one CC arriving on her methods she does 1.8 million unmitigated harm. This is the reason she's so reliable as she'll generally bargain harm whether in or out of CC, obviously ideally circumstance she bargains more harm if she's not hit by CC. Likewise, Valkyrie's Dynamic and Fundamental assaults help her in remaining alive! Her Dynamic has an Assault Take on 3 foes she haphazardly hits with her Dynamic, which impact goes on for 3 Rounds and the buff stacks additively. Her Essential has an Assault decrease by 12% for 1 Round. So when she's strongly not in CC and doing her Nuts and bolts and Actives, she's reliably diminishing/taking assault, which causes her survivability in not being blasted down and the assault takes help her recuperates when CC arrives on her to trigger her last detached.



heavenly stone dimension 6 You certainly need to utilize HP/+Health Stone. The +Health is the best detail you can get because of that +Health detail being utilized for different multipliers. The Stone alone will give you a gigantic lift, over a million alone just from the stone.


Fire Boots Flame Armour Glory Warrior Sword Glory Ring Since Assault detail isn't top need, you needn't bother with the defensive layer set pieces other than the (2/4) piece set reward, which nets the most HP. In the event that you have Officer Set, you need to utilize Officer Boots + Officer Protective layer and the rest 2 pieces 6* Prickly Fire Suit Set. This will net the most HP. In the event that you don't have Officer Set, you need to utilize Prickly Fire Suit Boots + Protective layer for 2 pieces 6* reward and Magnificence Suit Weapon + Extra for 2 pieces 5* reward.


brave protective layer The most perfectly awesome antique for Valkyrie is Rune's Capacity, which is a select orange curio. The red restrictive antique variant is Oak's Heart. In the event that you don't have both of those, pick Dauntless Protection or some other HP relics.


idle heroes deer pet Her best partner is Deer by a wide margin. The mending from Deer is percent based so she recuperates a ton and Deer's shield lift and assault lift will help her in getting by into later adjusts.


rainbow quality Valkyrie scales staggeringly well with Airs. She needn't bother with one. However, she sparkles with an atmosphere. The best atmosphere she fits in the current meta is Rainbow Emanation. Rainbow can help with supporting her and her partners since there's a solid blend of CC/burst/continue harm/support mending/and above all tackiness from the Rainbow Atmosphere, just as Assault Decrease/Take. I prescribe utilizing Valkyrie complimented by Mihm, which is an in all respects savage combo right now. Be that as it may, much the same as Thanos getting more power with every ownership of Boundlessness Stones, her capacity detonates with heroes like Skerei (Assault Take), Valentino (Included end of the round harm from Over-burden), Xia (Assault Diminish) and murder potential for Mihm's latent, Jahra (Assault Take), Belrain for included mending and in general group maintainability into longer adjusts.


Indeed, even without her harm being helped by Debilitate Debuffs. She exceeds expectations against different focuses on PVE. She's not the best any longer post nerve, yet she's unquestionably solid in most Organization Supervisors because of her tackiness and support harm. She's exceptionally intense in Pinnacle of Blankness too and will ensure a spot in Hellfire Aspen at E3. Indeed, even E1-E2 is solid in Aspen. She's a fundamental fixing in pushing past prior mid stages in Hellfire Aspen.

Overall Impression and Tier List Position

As of August/September 2018, even post nerve, she's madly amazing in PVP and PVE. She's unquestionably higher than Mihm presently because of the Atmosphere move away into Rainbow being overwhelming thus balanced and reliable. Put resources into her; she's certainly an unquestionable requirement get!

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