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Now we leave you with all the information you need to know to dominate the world of Pokemon Sun and Pokémon Moon on your Nintendo 3DS, the fantastic world of pokemon returns once again with new pokemon to capture and with new legendary pokemon, and as always in Trucoteca we want to help you get them all so you can become an authentic pokemon coach, so try to get everyone and don't miss any. Pokemon Specials


As in many previous cases we will have two versions of this game to choose from, or decide on Pokemon Sun or go for the Pokémon Moon, each version of the game has some differences, each version has its own pokemon and ultraentes one of the new developments In the game, although the big difference between them as their own name indicates, is based on the fact that one is completed by day and the other by night, the legendary pokemon also change for each version, in the Sun version we will have Solgaleo and in the Luna version we will have Lunala, in the game of Pokemon Luna the time will be increased by 12 Hours, so if you play during the day in the game it will be night and vice versa if you play at night, so you really choose that version you want to play.

Capture Magearna:

To get this pokemon we must meet a series of very simple requirements that no doubt if we have been playing since its launch almost certainly take a few minutes, first we will have to have completed the game. Once the game is completed you will have to scan the code that we leave below to see how the pokemon in question is registered in the pokedex. When we have scanned and registered in the pokedex, we will have to go to the antique shop that is in the city of Hauoli and so you will receive the Magearna pokemon, a mythical pokemon that is able to learn a powerful attack called «Floral Canyon» and also counts with a special ability called "Coranima" that increases Magearna's special attack every time we eliminate an opponent in battle.

Pokemon Initials:

As in the previous deliveries of the Pokemon world we will always be presented with several pokemon at the beginning, and we will have to choose one, this time we will have three other pokemon, Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. Each of them is in a group of a different type, and now we will explain each one of them. Rowlet: This is a plant / flying type pokemon, and has two more evolutions, Rowlet is a pokemon who likes to cross the skies in silence, his next evolution is Dartrix, a little presumed and a bit clueless, but he is capable of detecting other presences around it, in turn Dartrix can evolve into Decidueye a pokemon capable of moving without being detected by the enemy, capable of throwing fast felts from its wings. Litten: New Fire-type Pokemon, it is similar to a cat, it never loses its calm and never shows its emotions, it is able to ignite the hairballs that are generated in its stomach and then spit them out to its rivals. Its evolution is Torracat that has a collar that looks like a rattle but in truth it is a sack of fire, which when it attacks produces a jingle and its last evolution is Incineroar, a very strong pokemon that as its desire for combat increases increases Flames in his belly. Popplio: It is a sea lion pokemon for what is considered the Water type, it is able to create water balloons with its nose, and it can evolve in Brionne, a pokemon that knows how to dance to baffle its enemy and thus attack later, this powerful pokemon evolves in Primarina, this when dancing releases some water balloons near him, which can move them through the waves of his voice.

Cyndaquil, Chikorita and Totodile:

Now in Pokemon Sol and Pokemon Luna we can capture the three main pokemon of the gold and silver versions, some sagas that marked a bright time in the pokemon saga, and to be able to capture these pokemon, in addition to some patience, we will need to do Use of the Insular Scanner, we remember in case anyone does not have it yet that to achieve it you only need to scan 10 QR codes, once obtained we only have to travel to the areas that we show below and scan the island on the days we specify. Cyndaquil: We can find this dear pokemon if we travel to Melemele Island on Sundays. Chikorita: We will have to travel back to Melemele Island but this time on Fridays. Totodile: To get our bluish friend, we must go on Mondays to scan the Melemele Island.

Exclusive Pokemon Sol:

In the edition of Pokemon Sol we will have a series of pokemon that will not be for the Luna version, and now we give you a list with the exclusives that you can capture for this version of Pokemon Sol and thus help you choose between one version or another if not yet You have it clear. Solgaleo, Passimian, Tortunator, Vulpix and Alola Ninetails.

Exclusives in Pokemon Luna:

As in the Pokemon Sol version, in Pokemon Luna we will also have a series of exclusive pokemon that we can only have if we have this version or if a partner transfers them to us, so now we leave you with the list of the exclusive pokemon that you can Find in Pokémon Moon. Lunala, Oranguru, Drampa, Alola Sandshrew, Alola Sandslash.


Another of the many novelties that the fantastic Pokemon Sun and Moon brings with it are the new Pokemonturas, in previous deliveries we had the well-known MO, which gave us a powerful attack that we could use in our environment as, Surf or Force, have now been renewed by Pokemonturas, which now each of them has different utilities, now we will explain each one of them. Sniffing Stoutland: Search for buried objects. Taurus Charge: Allows you to break the rocks by loading. Push Machamp: It allows you to move large and heavy rocks. Charizard Flight: It allows you to fly freely and you can also move to the key points of the map that you have already discovered. Sharpedo Propulsion: Allows you to break rocks and in turn navigate through the water. Off-road Mudsdale: It allows you to move through rough terrain without problems.

Happiness of Pokemon:

In this new installment we have many novelties, one of them will be the happiness of our pokemon, now depending on the level of happiness they have they will be more or less efficient in combat, both in defense and in combat, and some pokemon will need to have a minimum of happiness to evolve, we can see the level of happiness of our pokemon if we go to the market of the city KoniKoni and ask that they evaluate the pokemon for which we are interested to know their happiness, must be in our team. And now we show you how to increase the happiness of our pokemon. -Every time our pokemon level up we will get a small rise in happiness. -Every time we teach them new movements they will give us a little happiness. -We can also give them vitamins to achieve greater difficulty. -Another way is to use the famous berries, with Meluce, Isperoo and Tamate berries we will increase happiness. -We can double the increase in happiness of our pokemon using a relief campaign. -When capturing a pokemon with a friend ball, get an extra initial happiness, and if we use a luxuryball we will double the rate of happiness gain.


The ultraentres are a new novelty in the Pokemon saga, they are mysterious creatures that some claim to have seen through the new region of Alola, these mysterious beings are very protagonists in the plot of this new game, when we reach almost the end of our story In this incredible world we can try to capture them in an optional mission.

Z crystals:

In this new installment of Pokemon that is loaded with novelties we have the new Z crystals, which serve to be able to perform the new Z movements, powerful attacks that we can only perform once in each combat, for this we must carry the Z crystals in our Z Bracelet, in this way if the pokemon carries with it the corresponding crystal, both the pokemon and the entree can enter into resonance and perform this powerful attack that can turn the situation around.

Location Z main crystals in Alola

Normastal Z: After passing the Liam test in Melemele. Lizastal Z: After beating Kaudan in the Great Melemele Test. Hidrostal Z: After passing the Nereida test in Akala. Pirostal Z: After passing the Kiawe test in Akala. Litostal Z: After passing the Lulu test in Akala. Electrostal Z: After passing Chris's test in Ula-Ula. Metalostal Z: After passing Chris's test in Ula-Ula. Dracostal Z: In Totem Komm-o after defeating the Dominant Pokémon Feeristal Z: In the Pony Canyon; Mina delivers it Criostal Z: On the Pedestal of Mount Lanakila of Ula Ula Island Phytostal Z: After completing the test in the Umbrian Jungle of Akala Island Psycho Z: In the Haina Desert of Ula Ula Island. Nictostal Z: After defeating the third Kahuna. Geostal Z: After defeating the fourth Kahuna. Toxistal Z: Francine gives it to you in the Old Pony Pass. Aerostal Z: After the rock of Machamp on the Dequila Hill Pikastal Z: KoniKoni City, on Akala Island. It is given to you by the man with three Pikachu. Crystal Z of the initial: After defeating Guzman for the first time.

At the end of the game:

As in the last installments it will not only be enough to be the Alola champion in this case, once the game is over we will have many possibilities and options to make and as we want to help you be a good pokemon coach we will show you some of those fun options. The Combat Tree: It is a meeting point for pokemon trainers, when we get to the area we will meet the red and blue trainers, and then we will have to choose which one to fight if we want to pass, but be careful that it will not be easy since you will see Level 60 pokemon, so prepare well. Capture Cosmog: This is the pokemon that we evolved to Solgaleo or Lunala, but once the game is completed we will be able to capture it again so that we have the missing version.

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