Discord bots are small programs that you can link to your server to help with various tasks, whether managing and moderating the channel or even to ensure the entertainment of members. As bots are created by the community itself, there are countless different types for you to try. Therefore, to facilitate your search, we have gathered here the best evaluated by users. Check out!

1. MEE6

Probably the best moderation bot for Discord. MEE6 combines functionality from several bots into a single program. With it you have access to several customizable moderation options, such as identifying spammers, setting banning rules, creating automatic responses to specific commands, automating the server welcome, defining positions, etc. One of the MEE6's great differentials is the XP system that it adds to the server. The more active a member is, the more experience he gains and the more rank he climbs. You can also define new positions according to the level of experience reached. MEE6 also allows you to turn on content alerts from Twitch, Youtube and Reddit so that you always stay up to date on your chosen topics. Install MEE6 here!

2. Dyno

Dyno is one of the most popular Discord bots out there. Like MEE6, the program has several tools to help with server moderation, all highly customizable. Its control panel is very intuitive and enhances several functions already existing in Discord. With the Dyno bot you will be able to configure automatic welcome messages, create personalized commands, set ban options, define positions, search for music on Youtube, etc. Undoubtedly one of the best moderation bots you will find. Install Dyno here!


Another great bot for moderation. YAGPDB also has the same tools mentioned in the previous bots (except for the XP system), but it can be a little more personalized. The program allows you to define detailed rules for mutes, bans and kicks, as well as their duration and limit number of violations. YAGPDB also provides accurate statistics about your server, such as the number of people who joined or left, online members, banned members, etc. On top of that, the program also has a database of fun facts about cats. Unmissable. Install YAGPDB here!

4. Dank Memer

Dank Memer is an indispensable bot to guarantee humor and fun on your server. The program allows you to set up commands to share and create memes in conversations, as well as tools that help you find the perfect memes for every moment. In addition to memes, Dank Memer also has moderation features and free music (via support for Spotify). The bot also has a very fun coin system in which you can bet and steal other members of the server, making the mere participation in the server already seem like a game. Install Dank Memer here!

5. Rythm

Another entertainment-oriented program, Rythm is considered the best music bot for Discord. The bot removes music from several different sources, from Youtube, Twitch, Soundcloud, etc., which gives a lot of stability and no lag. In addition, Rythm is extremely easy to use, allowing you to minimize your game and, with a few clicks, switch to the music you want. Install Rythm here!

6. Loritta

Loritta is a very complete bot and fully developed in Brazil. It is, at the same time, a moderation and entertainment bot, as it has several fun and other useful tools. With respect to moderation, Loritta facilitates the management of the server by automating messages, warnings, bans and other punishments in a very personalized way. In terms of entertainment, the bot has an XP system that encourages users to stay active, as well as functioning as a music bot. Loritta also allows you to enable notifications about content of interest to you on platforms such as Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, etc. Install Loritta here!

7. GameStats

GameStats is a bot for statisticians. The program collects updated numbers related to the main current games and organizes them in a simple and direct way. With GameStats you will have access to the statistics of games like PUBG, CS: GO, League of Legends, Dota 2 and many others. Install GameStats here!

How to install bots on Discord

After clicking on the installation links above, just select the "Invite" button shown in the image below: On the next screen, select the desired server and choose "Authorize": There, the bot will be installed and will work automatically. If you want to search for more bots, go to Discord's official bot page and read the program description. After choosing one, just follow the steps mentioned above. In the specific case of the YAGPBD bot, you only need to select "Add to Server" in the upper left corner of the main screen of the website and then click on "Authorize", as in the image above. See also how to create and configure a server on Discord on PC and mobile and how to add friends on Discord! Convert Word to clean HTML code with this free online tool. It works great for any document type and template.

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