See how the chest cycle works in Clash Royale!

If you are trying to understand how the chest cycle works in Clash Royale, look no further. In this guide we will show the rules of each of the cycles of chests present in the game: normal, special and missions. See below for all the rules related to the cycles of chests in Clash Royale and how to know where you are.

Cycle of normal chests

To win normal chests, just win matches. For each victory you will receive a chest, unless you already have 4 slots full. In that case, you must wait until one can be opened before you can receive another. The chests obtained with each victory are not of a high level and are part of the following cycle: The normal chests cycle consists of 180 silver chests, 52 gold chests, 4 magicians and 4 giants, totaling 240 chests. The order will always be the same and the sequence will not advance as long as there are slots being used.

How do I know what part of the cycle I am in?

To find out exactly what part of the cycle you are in, just go to the Stats Royale page . The site is officially recognized by Supercell and allows you to check your account information and other useful information. First, access your in-game profile and click on the tag to copy it: Then, just paste the code on the Stats Royale website, in the upper left corner of the screen. Afterwards, all your account information will appear and your cycle of chests will be shown at the bottom of the page, as follows: In addition to informing which are the next chests in the queue, the page also shows when the next Giant chests and Magic chests will appear. As soon as you reach 300 trophies in your account, the normal cycle will be modified by another cycle: that of special chests.

Cycle of special chests

When you exceed the range of 300 trophies (which is also the requirement to unlock Arena 2), you will start receiving randomly other types of chests. This cycle can be a little confusing, but this is how it works:
  • The cycle of special chests has an extension of 500 chests of the normal cycle. That is, the special cycle starts again when you receive 500 chests from the normal cycle.
  • When you reach 300 trophies, you can randomly earn a Megabaú do Lightning in each special cycle.
  • When you get 1000 and 2000 trophies, you can also get epic and legendary chests, respectively.
  • You can receive from the three special chests and, if you get an Epic or Legendary, the next one will always be a Megaboo of Lightning.
In short, the cycle of special chests replaces one of the chests of the normal cycle with one of the three mentioned above. This is extremely advantageous since the content of a Lightning, Epic or Legendary Megabaú is far superior to the content of the normal cycle.

Mission chests cycle

The last cycle is made by chests that we obtain when completing missions. Clash Royale has a system of objectives that, when completed, give great rewards. This cycle works as follows:
  • Each player receives one of these strings at random. When the line of chests is completed, another is generated randomly.
  • All sequences are composed of 5 gold chests, 2 magic chests, 2 Giants, 1 Epic, 1 Legendary and 1 Lightning Megabaú.
  • For every 12 chests, what touched in the sequence will be replaced by a Lightning Chest.
  • Upon reaching Arena 7, each chest 18 will be replaced by a Legendary King's Chest.
Finally, we also receive a free chest every day. Thus, every day there is a chance to improve the deck. Click here for more Clash Royale tips and tutorials!

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