Saint's Row: The Third Cheats for PS3 and X360

Here are a series of tips and tricks from Saint's Row: The Third for PlayStation 3 and that will surely make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without making use of them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain trophies. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Customize vehicles:

Find any vehicles that are not customizable and store it in your garage. Visit any Rim Jobs workshop with a customizable car, select your garage from the Rim Jobs menu, get on a non-customizable vehicle, press B and then accept. Now you can customize any vehicle, although the options are limited.

Unlock two new vehicles in the game:

Wraith and X2 Phantom vehicles (Tron motorcycle): Complete the difficult level of Trail Blazing in the Deckers territory.

Avatar Rewards:

Oversized Gat Mask: Complete the “When Good Heists…” mission. T-shirt with Saints logo: Get the "Flash the Pan" achievement. T-shirt with SR logo: TT: Create and upload your first character to the community.

Unlock band styles:

Different requirements to unlock new band styles: Morningstar: Complete mission 29. Deckers: Complete mission 37. Fighters: Complete mission 43. Space Saints: Complete mission 47. Police / SWAT: Complete all SNATCH missions for Kinzie. National Guard: Complete all TANK MAYHEM missions. Hos: Complete all SNATCH missions for Zimos. Strippers: Complete all ESCORT missions for Zimos. Pets: Complete all missions of Professor Genki SERC Wrestlers: Complete all TIGER ESCORT missions.


To activate the different tricks you simply have to enter the “cheat menu” of the game and enter the codes described below. WARNING: If these codes are used, the achievements and the auto save of Saints Row: The Third will automatically be disabled. cheese: You get $ 100,000. goldengun: Deaths in a single blow. givespecter: A flying bicycle will appear. givevtol: An F69 Vtol will appear. givevulture: The Saints helicopter will appear. givevortex: The Vortex sports car will appear. giveairstrike: The air strike will appear. giveapoca: The Apocafists weapon will appear. giveultimax: The AS3 Ultimax weapon will appear. givechainsaw: The Chainsaw will appear. givecyber: The Cyberdestructor will appear. givedrone: The Drone will appear. givegrenade: A grenade will appear. givehammer: A Hammer will appear. givekrukov: The K-8 Krukov weapon will appear. givekobra: The KA-1 Kobra weapon will appear. giveminigun: A mini weapon will appear. givemolotov: A molotov cocktail will appear. giverpg: RPG will appear. givesatchel: Satchel load weapon will appear. givetek: The TEK Z-10 weapon will appear. mascot: Pedestrians will become pets. hohoho: Pedestrians will become proxonets and prostitutes. brains: Pedestrians will become zombies. repaircar: Repair the car. dui: Pedestrians are drunk. lightrain: Rainy weather. heavyrain: Very rainy weather. givewidowmaker: A Widowmaker appears. givewoodpecker: A woodpecker appears. clearskies: Sunny weather. isquishyou: The vehicle is broken. givetornado: A Tornado appears. givetoad: A Toad appears. givetitan: A Titan appears. givespectre: Specter appears. givestatusquo: A Status Quo appears. giveshark: A shark appears. givesheperd: A Sheperd appears. givesandstorm: A Sandstorm appears. givemiami: A Miami appears. givenforcer: An Nforcer appears. givepeacemaker: A Peacemaker appears. givereaper: A Reaper appears. givemunicipal: A Municipal appears. givepheonix: A Pheonix appears. givesquasar: A Squasar appears. givetaxi: A Taxi appears. giveembulance: An ambulance appears. giveanchor: An Anchor appears. giveattrazione: An Attrazione appears. givebootlegger: A Bootlegger appears. givechallenger: A Challenger appears. givecommander: A Commander appears. givecondor: A Condor appears. giveeagle: An eagle appears. giveestrada: A Estrada appears. givegatmobile: A Gatmobil appears. givekanada: A Kanada appears. givekenshin: A Kenshin appears. giveknoxville: A Knoxville appears. whatitmeanstome: Add respect. fryhole: Sky bound. runfast: Infinite Sprint. goody goody: Take away notoriety cops. oops: Remove notoriety to gangs. lolz: Add notoriety to gangs. pissofpigs: Add notoriety to the Police. Bloody disaster: notrated. Cloudy weather: overcast. Receive a weapon set: letsrock. Receive Flamethrower : giveflamethrower. Receive respect : whatitmeanstome. Passersby are drunk: dui. Passersby are pets : mascot. The passersby are pimps and prostitutes : hohoho. Passersby are zombies : brains. Rainy weather : lightrain. This document has been edited with the free version of the instant HTML edior. Try it here and use it every time for your projects.

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