Resident Evil HD Remaster (REHD) cheats for PC, PS4 and XBOne

Here are a series of tips and tricks of Resident Evil HD Remaster for PC and that will definitely make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain Achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Finish with Plant 42:

To eliminate Plant 42, it is enough to use the knife, it is not necessary to spend ammo since with the knife it is easy to defeat.

Auto pointing:

Press the button to use automatic pointing in Residet Evil HD Remaster.

Zombie Head and Rock Launcher:

On the Residet Evil HD Remaster home screen, press in less than 5 seconds: go to the rooms where all the paintings are and organize them by age, after doing this click on the painting at the end of one of the ridges that are behind you. Enter the weapons menu and within the game press quickly:        you must do it very quickly, if you get it you will have Zombie Head and Rock Launcher in the weapons menu.

Change Costume:

Finish the game by rescuing the other two characters, and you will get the special key. Now go to the room of the big mirror, past the blue double doors on the low screen of the mansion. Explore that area and you can use the special key in a locker room, where you can change your clothes.

Easiest Bosses:

Some of the bosses that we will find in Resident Evil will make us spend ammunition without need, since not everyone has the same mechanics, now we will explain how to overcome some of them that do not require spending ammunition to overcome them. Snake: With this boss the first time we face him it is not necessary that we spend ammunition in trying to end him, what we must do is run for the mask of the room and run away, also if we have saved Richard with Jill, this one will be in charge of firing, until you reach the second encounter with the snake where now if you must spend ammunition to defeat it. Lisa Trevor: You will have several confrontations with this monster, in the first two you should not spend any ammunition either since you will not be able to kill him in any way, dedicate yourself to dodge his attacks as much as possible. Neptune: After removing the water, you have to face a giant shark and thus get an object, you see running to the bottom machine, throw it into the water, and you just have to pull the lever and thus electrocute the shark. Floor 42: You will find it in the house of the guard, a useful way to end it is by manufacturing the V-JOLT, you use it on its roots that will be weakened and it will be easier to end this giant. Tyrant: In the second encounter you will see that it consists of a resistance test, try to hold the entire count back and when there is little left for you to see Brad appear with a helicopter that will launch a missile that will explode it.

Connect to the Computer:

Here you have the keys that the computer will request in Resident Evil HD Remaster. The connection name is JOHN. The first password is ADA. The last one is MOLE.

Location Disks and Terminals:

Location of each of the Resident Evil HD Remaster disks and terminals. Disc 1: Inside the secret room of Library B. Disc 2: After the huge stone in the crank room. Disc 3: On the desk in the laboratory stairs. Terminal 1: In private room A. Terminal 2: In the mortuary. Terminal 3: In power maze B.

Doom Books and Medals:

Take the Books of Doom to the source you will reach after the underground passage, go to the inventory, go to Check Item and rotate each book so that the pages look out. Press and the book will open, reveal the necessary medals to drain the fountain and access the laboratory.

Choose weapon:

On the title screen press     . After the game starts, press: MENU    MENU , you will have a weapon selected.

Boost the elevator:

To activate the elevator current that will lower you to the final battle with Tyrant, you must visit the power panel in the first room of the power maze. Go to the southwest corner of the room and restore the current to the darkened areas. Go to the last room of the power maze and use the terminal at the east end of the room.

Infinite rocket launcher:

Resident Evil HD Remaster ends in less than three hours. It's simple, but if you don't get it, try again to get the infinite rocket launcher.

Unlimited missile launcher:

Finish the game in less than three hours to get the unlimited missile launcher as a reward.

Pool table:

If you look at the pool table of the bar's room in the guard's house, you will see the balls that say 12, 6, 3, 9, a clock at the end of the table and two pool cues. All this pretends to be a clock. The numbers represent the hours on the dial of a clock. The short hand is the hour and the longest taco is the minute. For Jill's argument, it says 3:45 and for Chris's, 2:15. This trick makes opening the hive door with the numbered keyboard easier. For Jill enter 3, 4, 5 and the door will open. For Chris, enter 2, 1, 5.


Moon Crest: This one is in the attic. When you arrive you will have a snake in front of you. You can take an evasive action and run around it to take the emblem of its nest or kill it with shots and take the emblem. Star Crest: Go to the large gallery on the first floor and you'll be facing a series of paintings. Look at each one in sequence, from the youngest to the oldest, and press the buttons. The correct sequence is as follows: newborn, child, young, adult and elderly. Finally, once you have pressed each button, go to the final box and press the last button to get the emblem. Sun Crest: Go to the gunsmith on the second floor and push the two statues over the floor vents. Now press the button on the floor and the showcase at the bottom containing the emblem will open.

Optional suits:

To get the special key you must finish the game by rescuing your two colleagues (Jill and Rebeca for Chris, and Chris and Barry for Jill). Now start a new game. Enter through the double door of the lobby of the mirror room. The door on the far wall will open with a special key. The optional costumes are here.

Wind crest:

Push the statue down the balcony to the dining room on the second floor and pick up the blue jewel among the torn pieces below. Take this jewel to the tiger statue room on the first floor and insert it into the statue's eye socket. This will make the statue rotate and reveal the emblem.


Infinite life: 800C5 1AC0060 Start with Flamethrower: 800C8784FF06 Start with rock thrower: 800C8784FF0A

Action Replay Codes:

Start with the rocket launcher: 772700BB3436 87BB5A61963F Infinite Bullets: 871D0CBF4237 Infinite rocket : 87BB5A61963F INK infinite ribbons: 87F9D6ED1664 Colt python: 87C25F609939 Infinite Health: 300C51AC 004C Find everything about JavaScript and jQuery in the cheat sheets, read the JavaScript blog or use the free online tools.

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