To win in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), you need to know the map well to make the best loot. With such a large map, searching for equipment is quite a difficult task, but this simple guide will increase your chances. Knowledge is power and better knowing the map of Erangel and the best loot locations are a great advantage. PUBG is known for the unpredictability of each scenario. Supplies drop at random locations all over the map. You can fall into one place and quickly get powerful weapons, bulletproof vests and other valuable supplies or find absolutely nothing. However, we've put together a few places where you'll get useful loot with a high probability of success.

Erangel Key Locations

Basically, places with more buildings and housing have better chances of valuable loot, although nothing is certain. Unfortunately, where there is loot, there are also other players. The more valuable the venue, the more likely you are to find other likeable players who will at least fill you with lead.


Situated in the northeast of the map, Georgopol is one of the best places to get varied loot in quantity and quality. You can get assorted weapons, bulletproof vests and more. The greatest wealth of the city is the vehicles that appear in the many garages around the area. Obviously, a vehicle allows you to move quickly to other zones. Georgopol's main flaw is the number of players he joins, all wanting the best loot and the best vehicles. If you decide to get in, get ready for a real battle. The north of Georgopol has many buildings and apartments to loot. Always try to start from the upper floors and examine the lower floors gradually. Roofs and high areas are ideal for good visibility of the area. Georgopol's south bank is less risky, but usually less loot. Particularly valuable, the Hospital is further south, with a roof that allows good visibility and a nearby vehicle spawn. Containers on the southeastern side of the city are simple to access and loot, but get ready for endless fighting.

Sosnovka Island and Novorepnoye

All players want to get to Sosnovka Island as soon as they jump off the plane as it is one of the most valuable loot locations. You are almost certain to find effective weaponry such as assault rifles, helmets and bulletproof vests at the abandoned military base. In the central part of the base there are some buildings where from the roof you can safely observe the surrounding places. The main disadvantage of the island is that it is at the south end of the map and has only two land accesses. Using boat is easy to be detected while trying to love. Another downside is that if the plane leaves you far away, it will be very difficult to reach that location safely. The port of Novorepnoye is less risky than the military base, but it has many areas with blind angles and the close-fitting containers make orientation difficult. However, there are three guaranteed car spawns and most likely boat spawns (after all it is a coastal zone). These attributes draw many players to this location.

Rozhok, School and Apartments

Central zone on the PUBG map, with easy access and varied loot. The School is an extreme risk zone and for experienced players only. Many players prefer to start in Rozhok, a small village nearby that is much more peaceful. If it's fast, you'll find a car garage in the south of Rozhok as well as a tower. It is a good place for snipers. The apartments are slow to check but offer good loot. As it is a central zone, it allows you to quickly escape to radiation-free zone or pick up dropped aircraft supply boxes.

Underground Bunkers

One of the entries for the bunkers
Bunkers are underground military locations, so it's very easy to find high quality weapons and supplies at these locations. However, as they are tight places and with many blind spots it is very easy to be ambushed. Be extremely careful as you progress on this ground.


The Prison, also called the Crater of Doom , is a place in a tightly closed valley near an entrance to the Bunkers. It has some buildings with high probability of loot in quantity, but is a natural point for ambushes. Try to get to the central house (the tallest) quickly to secure entry. Get ready for snipers.


The Mansion, or Villa, is in the southwest corner of the map. There are 8 buildings that can provide you or your team with some equipment and supplies. Get ready to defend the position as soon as you get there. The main advantages are a guaranteed vehicle spawn on the right side and 200 meters west a great high defense position. If you're good at aiming, get ready to eliminate some guys. The more you play PUBG, the easier it will be to choose the right zones to start your game. The designated locations are most likely to find valuable equipment, but they also attract a lot of players, so confrontation will be inevitable . If you are starting out or prefer to be more tactical, using stealth and speed, use this guide to avoid these zones. Try to know the map better not to be surprised. Discover the Miramar map and the best places to loot! Do you already do well in the jungle? Know where to loot on the Sanhok map!

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