In Pokémon, the types of creatures and the elements of their attacks have always been extremely relevant factors in combat ( it's super effective! ), And that couldn't be different in Pokémon GO. Currently the game has 18 different types of Pokémon, and knowing how each interacts with the others is essential. Check out the updated list of types and their advantages and disadvantages in Pokémon GO below!

Table of interactions between types of Pokémon

First, you need to know what each degree of advantage and disadvantage means:
  • Super effective : + 60% damage done.
  • Resistant against : -38% damage received.
  • Weak against : + 60% damage taken.
  • Immune against : -61% damage taken.
Super effective against Resistant to Weak against Immune against
Normal Ghost
Fighter Normal, Stone, Steel, Ice and Night Nocturne, Stone and Insect Flying, Psychic and Fairy
Flying Fighter, Insect and Plant Plant, Fighter and Insect Electric, Stone and Ice Terrestrial
Poisonous Plant and Fairy Poisonous, Insect, Fairy, Fighter and Plant Terrestrial and Psychic
Terrestrial Poisonous, Stone, Steel, Fire and Electric Poisonous and Stone Water, Plant and Ice Electric
Stone Flying, Insect, Fire and Ice Poisonous, Normal, Fire and Flying Flying, Psychic and Fairy
Bug Plant, Psychic and Night Fighter, Plant and Terrestrial Fire, Flying and Stone
Ghost Phantom and Psychic Poisonous and Insect Phantom and Night Normal and Fighter
Steel Stone, Ice and Fairy Ice, Normal, Plant, Flying, Stone, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy, Steel and Insect Fire, Earth and Fighter Poisonous
Fire Insect, Steel, Plant and Ice Steel, Fire, Plant, Ice, Insect and Fairy Water, Land and Stone
Water Terrestrial, Stone and Fire Fire, Water, Ice and Steel Plant and Electric
Plant Land, Stone and Water Water, Plant, Land and Electric Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison and Insect
Electric Flying and Water Electric, Flying and Steel Terrestrial
Psychic Fighter and Poison Psychic and Fighter Insect, Ghost and Nocturne
Ice Flying, Terrestrial, Plant and Dragon Ice Fire, Stone, Fighter and Steel
Dragon Dragon Electric, Fire, Water and Insect Ice, Dragon and Fairy
Fairy Fighter, Dragon and Nightcrawler Nocturne, Fighter and Insect Poisonous and Steel Dragon
Night Phantom and Psychic Nocturne and Ghost Fighter, Insect and Fairy Psychic
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