Widowmaker is one of three Overwatch sniper heroes . Being a character focused on precision, it is not recommended for players with a tendency to shake or poor aim. So, if you feel confident with your aim, follow this guide to make Widowmaker an extremely powerful character in your hands.



Before becoming Widowmaker, the killer was simply Amélie Lacroix. Her husband, Gérard Lacroix, was one of the leaders of Overwatch who fought against the terrorist organization Talon. After several failed attempts to eliminate Gérard, Talon decided to kidnap Amélie and put her on a neural reconditioning program, turning her into a dormant agent . Eventually, two weeks after she was found by Overwatch and apparently without any injuries, Amélie killed Gérard while he was sleeping. Then she returned to Talon and completed extensive training that drastically reduced her heart rate, leaving her skin blue and cold and destroying her ability to feel emotions . Amélie became a full-fledged Widowmaker.


  • Its main power grants to your entire team Infrared Vision, which allows you to see the position of opposing players through walls and objects.
  • It has the greatest chance of damage to the game in just one attack.
  • It can do a lot of damage from a distance.
  • It has good mobility, which means more survival.


  • It is very vulnerable in close combat.
  • When you are at a distance you are not contributing to the objectives of the map.
  • The loud sound of your shots alerts you to your presence and location.
  • The number of specific sniper seats is limited, which can become predictable.

Lightning Tips

  • Stay away from your mine, as exploding can cause damage to yourself.
  • Wait for your shot to fully reload to achieve the maximum damage possible. The only time you can ignore the charge is if your enemy is already injured and there is a possibility that he will escape.
  • When you have your Infrared Vision active, a good strategy is to quickly search and destroy the Symmetra Teleporter and Shield Generator.
  • Shoot opponents behind the line of battle first. Usually, only heroes with more durability are in the center and you will not be able to kill with one shot.
  • It is very important not to forget that the farther a sniper is, the better your performance will be.
  • Always pay attention to heroes like Reaper and Tracer. You will only have an opportunity to shoot them down before they teleport to your position.
  • Always protect your location with a Poison Mine. If you can't do any damage, at least you are warned that an opponent is approaching.
  • Your mine can also be launched from a reasonable distance. You can throw it in the midst of enemies to help your team deal damage.


The main functions of Widowmaker during a game are to attribute the possibility of seeing enemies to their allies and to cause massive damage to enemies, killing them or forcing them to hide.

It is a character that requires excellent positioning and aim. However, you have to be on constant alert and on the move , because after a few deaths your opponents will realize where you are. Try to anticipate the ambushes confused the enemies, jumping from position to position during the match.

Its Beijo da Viúva weapon allows you to aim, increasing your visibility. This tool and its close combat vulnerability mean that Widowmaker must be played from a distance .

Your Arpéu is essential for you to reach several perfect places to position yourself and also to escape as quickly as possible whenever you are ambushed. While your Poison Mine is very important to alert the presence of enemies in the vicinity.


Most heroes in Overwatch can be played on both Attack and Defense maps. But with Widowmaker your role is much more specific. His movement is reduced, which means he is a perfect character to stand around waiting for opponents to appear in his line of sight.

Widowmaker works very well if you are defending a point, and in cases of attack, you can succeed in killing Bastion or Towers that are protecting the defense . But when the goal is reached, you cannot approach the points or the loads to help control or you will be too exposed.

You always have to see if your team's composition justifies taking Widowmaker. If you already have many heroes who are not able to contest points, the team will certainly be at a disadvantage if you choose a sniper . In such cases, it is best to choose heroes who force enemies out of the point, such as Soldier: 76, Zarya, Symmetra or Mei.

Widowmaker, being a classic sniper, is very useful on maps with large open spaces or long corridors , where you can position yourself with good visibility. On the other hand, all maps with a greater chance of fighting in close proximity will weaken Widowmaker. Another important point is to know which are the priority heroes to be killed . Normally, fast characters like Tracer and Genji are hard to catch, but to make up for their agility, they have few hit points and you can usually kill them with just one shot. While it is tempting to shoot a Roadhog that is right in the center of your vision, you will need about five shots to kill it, which is not at all efficient. It is best to help your team by killing heroes that are normally more fragile, but have a lot of impact on the team.
  1. Supporting heroes like Mercy, Lúcio, Zenyatta and Ana .
  2. Defense or offensive heroes with few hit points like Tracer, Genji, McCree, Pharah, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Junkrat, Sombra, Symmetra .
  3. Heroes with a little more resilience like Reaper, Soldier: 76, Mei, Bastion and Torbjörn .
  4. All tanks .


So let's take a closer look at your skills.

Widow's kiss (sniper)

This Widow's Kiss mode is Widowmaker's most important tool during the game. The damage done in sniper mode is greater than in assault mode, especially if you keep the sight button pressed until the shot is fully reloaded . These can range from 15 to 120 damage, depending on the reload achieved. But there are some exceptions where you don't need to wait for the second that it takes to reload. When a character is already badly hurt or is about to hide, you can launch a shot faster and less powerfully. If you aim at the opponent's head, the damage will increase by 2.5 which means a clean shot of 300 damage, enough to wipe out all heroes other than tanks. Anyway, as it is difficult to be so precise against players with great mobility, it is better to hit the enemy's body than to aim in the head and miss the shot. Your best chances of getting these headshots are against characters like Torbjörn, when repairing your Tower, Roadhog, using Breathtaking, or other snipers like Hanzo, Widowmaker and Ana.

Widow's Kiss (assault)

If you don't activate your aim, the Widowmaker's weapon allows you to shoot more easily as a machine gun in immediate fights. So you can defend yourself against ambushes by fast heroes like Genji and Tracer.

Although your damage is not incredible, with an average of 13 damage per bullet, you will be able to fire fast enough to protect yourself. Being more effective if the enemy is already taking damage from your poison mine.

You can use this assault mode of your Widow's Kiss to destroy objects like other Poisonous Mines, Junkrat's Steel Traps, Symmetra's Sentinel Towers and other such dangers.


The Grapefruit will allow you to swing across the sky and reach safe locations spread across the scene. This will be very good for you to jump from point to point without being seen or to escape a fatal encounter.

A significant part of your ability to survive part of your position in places that are difficult for opponents to access , and you should take advantage of this possibility as much as possible.

Don't forget that other heroes like Genji, Reaper and Pharah can also reach these remote locations and they will look for you.

Poison Mine

Mines are essential in supporting Widowmaker's gameplay. You can glue the mines to almost any surface, not just the ground. The best strategy is not to place them in easily visible places, but rather in places like behind doors, hidden by different objects or even on the ceiling .

When an opposing player passes near your mine, it will explode, poisoning any enemy nearby. This poison, as a general rule, will not kill an enemy, but it will be effective in leaving him injured or even killing him if he is already badly hurt. You can also launch the Poison Mine against your opponent to help deal damage. Just be careful not to be hit too .

Pay attention to the sound of the detonation from the Poison Mine to be alert to possible threats that are approaching. This is undoubtedly the main function of this tool and it will give you the possibility to prepare yourself or to escape from a difficult situation.

Infrared Vision

This is a very powerful skill not only for you but for the rest of the team. The fact that everyone can see the location of their opponents through walls and objects is an asset in the team's strategy. This allows you and your team to protect themselves from ambushes, locate flying heroes and prepare attacks according to directions taken by opponents.

Infrared Vision should be used as soon as it is ready, unless all of your allies are currently dead. In that case, it is best to wait a while to get the most out of the 15 seconds of total vision.

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