In Lords Mobile , you must try to maintain a balanced team of five heroes to lead your armies. Typically, you want a tank, a healer, and three damage dealers to succeed. But which heroes to choose? Check out the best hero options for each role and learn how to catch them.

Best tanks

Pink Knight

  • Cavalry
  • Levels: Elite 6-12; 8-9
This heroine can stun all enemies for a second, reduce damage taken, and still activate shields and heal an ally. In extreme situations and due to her great survival, Cavaleira Rosa can be used as a healer if the opposing team is strong in damage.

Death Knight

  • Cavalry
  • Levels: Elite 3-18; 5-15; 8-12
The Death Knight has a lot of survival and still deals substantial damage to more than one enemy at the same time. However, its biggest advantage is the ability to revive for once if enemies manage to kill you. In addition, your physical damage increases after being revived.


  • Infantry
  • Hell Event: Phase 3
This hero is good at increasing the health and attack of the remaining team members. It can also cause massive damage to more than one enemy at the same time and has great durability. Combine the Watcher with heroes that decrease opponents' defense to get the best out of this tank.

Best healers

Prima Donna

  • Siege Weapon
  • Levels: Normal 1-6
This heroine is the best healer in the game and can be obtained easily. It manages to heal the entire team with a high number of health and can be combined with all types of heroes. You must place it in the second line in the formation to get more out of the character.

Owner of the Seas

  • Infantry
  • Levels: Elite 1-6; 4-6
Owner of the Seas is a healer with the survival of a tank. This means that your ultimate skill does not heal. But on the other hand, he manages to do a lot of damage while healing the entire team at once.

Best DPS


  • Shooter
  • Levels: Elite 2-15; 6-7
Stalker's ultimate ability can stun enemies in the distance and deal damage to the entire opposing team. This heroine is the most fatal of the game against a single target, causing an overwhelming amount of direct damage. As he has the advantage of attacking from a distance, he is a difficult character to eliminate.


  • Shooter
  • Levels: Normal 7-18
The Incinerator is a lethal sorceress that causes large explosions to stun the entire enemy team. It combines very well with tanks that can also stun your opponents, in order to completely annul the opposing team. Put this heroine on the bottom line to protect her.

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