In Clash Royale , one of the key pieces in creating the best decks is the legendary cards. There is no doubt that these powerful cards will be of great help in achieving victory. Know all the legendary cards in the game and learn how to get them!

What are the Legendary Letters?

This card can be invincible while moving, appearing only when you launch your first attack. This makes it very good to play in attack.

Mega Knight

The damage this troop can deal to multiple enemies at once is very helpful. This is undoubtedly a good card to play in offense.


Almost totally spell resistant, Sparky is very good for defense play. Plus, it's versatile enough to look good on all decks.

Electric wizard

This card may not be ideal for 1v1 play, but it is the most versatile and powerful you can have in your deck. This wizard is useful in every kind of gameplay you want to specialize in.


Your attack distance is so large that you will force your opponent to cast spells to eliminate it. Also, with Princess you can defend more than one lane at a time.

Ice Mage

This card is extremely versatile and balanced. It may not deal an incredible amount of damage, but your ability to slow down enemies is essential to help you reach victory.


Lumberjack offers little versatility and reduced utility compared to other legendary cards you can pick up. However, it has the advantage of being able to quickly destroy enemy tanks and being able to fight several ground troops at the same time.

This card is very good for eliminating enemy tanks. In addition, it has a low elixir cost and is spell resistant.

The trunk

Overall, this card is very useful, especially since it can easily crush multiple enemies at once.

Shadow Witch

This witch can deal a great deal of damage, being one of the strongest cards you can take. However, it only works effectively on attack decks.


This card is not bad, but it is not the best card you can choose to play in offense. If you choose it, be sure to take advantage of its mobility.

Lava hound

Your opponent can easily counter this card by spending little elixir, which makes it quite risky to take. Unfortunately, because it is expensive and not very versatile, it only works on a few specific decks.


This card can be used in every game and when played well you always win with it. The Miner is so versatile that you can catch him in any deck, either control or attack.


Despite its attack-level advantages, this card is not very useful in defense, so try to catch it only in attack situations.

How to win legendary cards?

  • You can buy gems and use them to buy Super Magic Chests . The chance to get a legendary card is around 40%.
  • You can also buy legendary gold cards in the Shop . They start to be available from Arena 9 and cost 40,000 gold. The downside is that you have to wait for the card you are looking for to be available before you can buy it.

How to choose the ideal one for your deck?

  • Don't try to trade your decks just because there is a legendary card you want to use. Instead, buy the legendary one that is appropriate for your deck .
  • Don't want to have many legendary cards simultaneously, otherwise it will be difficult to raise the overall level of your deck.
  • Think carefully before buying a legendary card. Don't spend 40,000 gold on the first one that appears in the store.
  • There are two ways to save on buying a legendary one. First, if you can buy gems, choose the set of 2,000 gems , which will immediately give you 40,000 gold. The second way is to collect gold by donating cards and opening chests .

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