Lords Mobile: discover the best construction strategies

To be successful in Lords Mobile , you need to create a building strategy that takes advantage of the space available in your Kingdom and that produces the necessary resources to progress in the game. Check out this guide to learn the importance of buildings and which ones to build at each stage of the game.

The importance of resources and storage

In Lords Mobile , resources are needed to complete various activities. Therefore, it is essential that you always have the necessary materials available to continue progressing in the game. As your land will have limited construction space, you need to create a strategy. It is equally important to think about the resource storage capacity you need, not just production. This is because when reaching the maximum level, a simple Search can cost hundreds of millions of resources. So never miss an opportunity to improve buildings to increase their capacity. Check out the best tips for getting along on Lords Mobile!

Resource building types

The only way to be able to produce the resources you need in the game is to build the appropriate buildings for each one. Check below the function of each resource building.
  • Farm: produces food and can be upgraded to level 25; Food is used to support troops.
  • Mine: produces Ore and can be upgraded to level 25; Ore is used for various things, like improving other buildings or doing research.
  • Sawmill: produces wood and can be upgraded to level 25; Madeira is used for many things, such as training new troops.
  • Quarry: produces Stone and can be upgraded to level 25; the Stone is normally used to improve other buildings.
  • Mansion: produces Gold and can be upgraded to level 25; Gold can be used to increase the training speed of your troops.

What to build?

Since there are only 22 spaces available for the construction of resource buildings, you have to have a strategy to reach the maximum level ready to be the Lord of the game. Check the best construction plan according to each stage of progression.

First phase

In this first phase, you must start by building 10 farms, 4 sawmills, 4 quarries and 4 mines . For now, Gold is not needed yet, so just focus on storing other resources, starting to build your army.

Second level

After level 20, you must continue to focus entirely on producing Food, because other resources can be obtained by sending your troops to pick them up. Try to increase the size of your army with the food produced and build 15 farms, 2 mines, 2 sawmills and 2 quarries .

Third phase

Once you reach level 25, destroy all Farms. If everything went according to plan, you should have reached the Food storage limit by now and what you need from now on you should take from your clan members or specific items. This is the time to focus on Ore, Stone and Wood, with 10 mines, 6 quarries and 6 sawmills .

What about Tactical buildings?

In addition to the area that allows the construction of Resource buildings, you have another for Tactical buildings. Here, you will have 18 spaces available, one of which must be used to build the Safe.

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