All the tricks, tips, keys, achievements / trophies and more from LEGO Jurassic World for PC. With all these codes you can unlock new characters, new dinosaurs, new vehicles and red bricks.

Codes / Keys:

To enter the codes or codes in LEGO Jurassic World press the button and go to the «Extras» menu to enter each of the following codes where you enter «Enter Codes» to obtain the desired effect in each case of each trick.

Unlockable Red Bricks:

Stud X2 Multiplier: 5MZ73E Minikits Detector: JYJAFX

Trick Get Unlimited Money:

How to get infinite money in the new LEGO game, LEGO Jurassic World. As I say in the video, it is not just a specific location, but the same thing happens in several parts of the game. When you find a sewer like this, try to take all the coins, that there are some that are Bugeadas and will come out again.

Unlockable Characters:

ACU Soldier (Woman): AU25GR ACU Soldier (Man): 28SPSR Carlos: VK3TP3 Carter: 9GESXP Cooper: 5BETZ5 Dennis Nedry (Hawaiian Shirt): RAVKRT Dieter Stark: EKCKLC Bob or Vic Dinosaur Trainer: YQ6S7Z Ellie Degler: AV9DTJ Gyrosphere Josh Operator: 9NGZZQ Henry Wu (Jurassic World): A3HC7E Save Jerry InGen: QKBCWT InGen Hunter: 38YWVR InGen Mechanic and InGen 3 Hunter: RMVVB8 InGen Mercenary and InGen Contractor: VZRSD3 InGen Explorer and InGen Hunter 1: 8XL359 Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show: 6MKHSG John Hammond (Lost World): PR2R6Y Juanito Rostagno: XTH9A3 Jurassic Park driver and Jeep: 3FE78R Jurassic Park Guard (Woman): 8WY3FV Jurassic Park Guard (Man): XJS7UY Goalkeeper Jurassic World: BX9Z6R Jurassic World Ranger: GW9TGH Worker AKA Jurassic World and Ranger Jurassic World (Woman): L5AU6Y Nash (Track): BRLNWC Raptor Jenny coach : SXZ7CC Crewman of the SS Venture: 62539J Scientist (Woman): XVXGXF Scientist (Man): KKLWC Udesky (Alt): PFEBS6 Jurassic World Raptor Young Coach: 7VNLJT

Unlockable Dinosaurs:

Ankylosaurus: PAAADT Compsognathus: KAAAWV Dilophosaurus: HAAAVW Indominus Rex: GAAAAC Pachycephalosaurus: IAAADT Spinosaurus: MAAARF Stegosaurus: FAAAVT Triceratops: AAAADC Tyrannosaurus Rex: CAAADT Velociraptor: DDDFAC

Unlockable Vehicles:

Jurassic Park Jeep: 3FE78R

Location of Amber Bricks

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