If you have a weak phone or if you simply prefer to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with keyboard and mouse, we have put together a quick guide for you to install and run the game on the PC. In order not to stop playing while the phone is charging, check out how to run Mobile Legends on PC below!

1. Download and install the NoxPlayer Android emulator

The first step is to download and install a good Android emulator. In our opinion the best emulator to run Mobile Legends is NoxPlayer ( click here to download it ). After installation, restart your computer and run the emulator. NoxPlayer has a right sidebar in which you can find several features. In addition to the three standard buttons present on Android phones (bottom right), the emulator has rotate, full screen, screen capture, virtual location, control settings, etc. functions. The emulator's home screen has some icons similar to those of Android phones, as well as a search bar from the Play Store, where you can search for applications to download. Learn all the slang and expressions of Mobile Legends!

2. Download Mobile Legends

Click on the Play Store bar present on the emulator home screen and search for Mobile Legends. Click on the game icon and complete the action using the Play Store. The emulator will ask for your credentials. If you haven't already, just create an account. Then, a Play Store screen identical to that of Android phones will appear. Click install and wait for the download. Upon completion, run the game and log into your account as normal. Also check out our Super Mobile Item Guide!

3. Configure the controls

The next step is to configure your controls. To do this, click on the "Keyboard Control" button shown in the photo above. A new menu will appear on the left side of the screen containing several draggable buttons that you can edit any way you like. Select the directional button pointed above and drag it to the lower left corner (intended for moving the character), as shown in the image. The default directional pad is configured for the W, A, S and D keys, but you can easily edit it just by clicking on the letters and choosing the keys you want. Then click on the icon with the letter "A", as shown in the image above. This will create a button to which you can assign any key you want. Create and drag multiple buttons to all command areas of the screen: basic attack, skills, skill upgrade, items, shop, etc. Find the best setting for your taste and have fun! Now that you can play on PC, check out 5 essential tips to play well in Mobile Legends and also check out the 15 best heroes in the game!

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