Boats in Minecraft can function as both items and vehicles. You can collect them by attacking repeatedly until they drop as items. As vehicles, they have the same speed as a Mine Cart and do not reduce the Hunger bar, so they are great means of transportation. To craft a Boat you will need 5 Boards (any type, but all must be the same). When you get them, organize them like this: Planks are obtained through any combination of wood, which in turn are obtained through trees. After the craft, your Boat will look like this:

Boat Information

  • Boats move according to the player's control or the current.
  • Boats can be moved on land, but extremely slowly.
  • Boats have a little more than 4 Life.
  • Beats do no damage to Boats, except when against Royal Wins.
  • Boats support up to 2 passengers, including mobs.
  • If pushed under water (or a waterfall, for example), the boat will sink.
  • Sunken boats can never be recovered, only broken.
  • Boats can be used as fuel in Furnaces.
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