Learn how to make a Boat in Minecraft!

Boats in Minecraft can function as both items and vehicles. You can collect them by attacking repeatedly until they drop as items. As vehicles, they have the same speed as a Mine Cart and do not reduce the Hunger bar, so they are great means of transportation. To craft a Boat you will need 5 Boards (any type, but all must be the same). When you get them, organize them like this: Planks are obtained through any combination of wood, which in turn are obtained through trees. After the craft, your Boat will look like this:

Boat Information

  • Boats move according to the player's control or the current.
  • Boats can be moved on land, but extremely slowly.
  • Boats have a little more than 4 Life.
  • Beats do no damage to Boats, except when against Royal Wins.
  • Boats support up to 2 passengers, including mobs.
  • If pushed under water (or a waterfall, for example), the boat will sink.
  • Sunken boats can never be recovered, only broken.
  • Boats can be used as fuel in Furnaces.
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