Learn how to lag CS: GO once and for all

Those who have never played CS: GO with low SPF do not know what suffering is. Hitting a flick or transferring that spray are MUCH more difficult tasks for those who don't have a good computer. Thinking of those who do not leave the silver because they are always with this disadvantage, here are the main tips to optimize your Counter Strike. Yes, we know you're only 2/10 because of the lag ...

Optimizing your CS: GO

First, the most technical tip. In the Steam library, right click on CS: GO, go to " Properties " and then " Set boot options ". You will see the following window: In the field above, enter the following commands: -threads X -high -nod3d9ex1 + mat_queue_mode 2 + fps_max 400 + r_dynamic 0 + cl_forcepreload 1 Attention! In the “threads” field you should replace the X with the number of threads that your processor has. If you don't know, go to the start menu, type "DXDIAG" and run it. Then wait for the following window: The number of "CPUs" will be the number of threads. After filling, click OK and close the windows. This measure alone will greatly improve your game's performance.

Configuring the graphics

Now for the simplest tips: lower the quality of graphics. CS: GO is definitely not a game that you need to play with beautiful graphics. Decrease all fields to "low" and deactivate what you can to deactivate, but ATTENTION, leave the " Multinuclear Rendering " field on and in the " Texture filtering mode " field choose Bilinear. Finally, access your video card's settings. The settings panel varies from board to board, but there is usually a field where you increase performance and decrease quality. Here are some essential tips for beginners in CS: GO !

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