You are definitely not alone in the Sims universe. With the expansion of The Sims 4: At Work , it became possible to find undercover aliens on the street, to be abducted, to have an alien baby and even to visit the extraterrestrial world! Total madness. Despite the new functions, the aliens were inserted into the game discreetly. So it is common to find players who have never had an alien experience - or at least that is what the aliens want you to believe. But don't worry, we are here to help you! Discover now everything you need to know about the aliens in The Sims 4: At Work .

Increase the chances of being abducted

Before we start the tutorial, it is important to know that abductions can happen naturally, between 10 pm and 4 am . In the game's plot, Sims in the career of Scientist or Doctor are more likely to be abducted. Despite being a natural event, it is possible to follow methods together to increase this probability through three situations:

1. Visit the alien night

On Tuesdays at night, Alien Night takes place in city bars. Go to any bar and meet new Sims. Observe if you can identify any extraterrestrials and try to win their friendship. When showing interest in alien culture, you have a 25% chance of being abducted on the same night.

2. Have a “Satellite Dish” or a “Desktop Out of This World”

The Satellite Dish and Desktop Out of This World are exclusive items of the Scientist career. Both have the “ Get in touch with aliens ” interaction , which can force an abduction or even bring aliens into your lot. The interaction can only be used once every 24 hours. Getting a "Satellite Dish"
  • Method 1: Available from level 4 of the Scientist career, use the Invention Builder to obtain it. It will be necessary to join 3 pieces of common metal and 3 pieces of common crystal.
  • Method 2 (with cheats): If you want to get a Satellite Dish without being a Scientist, press Ctrl + Shift + C and copy and paste the cheat “ bb.showhiddenobjects ” in the text box. The Satellite Dish will be available in the Electronics / Miscellaneous area of the Construction Mode for 500 simoleons.
Getting a "Desktop Out of This World"
  • Method 1: Available from level 10 of the Scientist career , buy in the Electronics / Computers area of Construction Mode for 15,100 simoleons.
  • Method 2 (with cheats): If you want to get a Desktop Out of This World without being a Scientist, press Ctrl + Shift + C and copy and paste the cheat “ bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement ” in the text box. The Desktop will be available in the Electronics / Computers area of Construction Mode for 15,100 simoleons.
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3. Explore the sky with the “Quintal Observatory”

The Yard Observatory is a powerful telescope that can bring your Sims closer to the alien world. It is available for purchase for 1,500 simoleons in the Activities and Skills / Outdoor Activities area. Starting at level 7 of the logical skill , the “ Search for the Truth ” interaction will be released on and will increase your chances of abduction - in addition to capturing beautiful space photographs!

Have an alien baby

It is possible to have an alien baby (with alien powers) or a hybrid baby (without powers, but of an abnormal color).

Abduction pregnancy

Only male Sims can return from abduction pregnant. In the normal game settings, there is a 25% chance for this in each abduction. In order to get around the odds, save the game moments before the abduction and go back to the same save (returning to the home menu) until you get the pregnancy. A notification of the Sim's emotions will let you know if the pregnancy was successful. The pregnancy lasts 72 hours and you can also choose to send the baby back to space as soon as it is born.

Relationship Pregnancy

A couple made up of an alien and a human Sim can become pregnant with a hybrid baby with the " Try to Have a Baby " interaction . The generation of a purely alien baby (with powers) through relationship is only possible in the case of two adult aliens.

Experience the special powers of the aliens

Special powers and interactions are only available to pure aliens.
  • Disguise - disguises the alien as a normal Sim (skin color, clothes, etc.);
  • Analyze Personality - allows you to discover Sim's traits, career and partner;
  • Empathize - copies the same emotion from the target Sim to the alien;
  • Erase Memory - erases the memory of the target Sim (including relationships and career);
  • Secret Handshake - secret greeting available only between two aliens;
  • Transmute - transforms stones, metals and crystals into other collectible items.

Travel and explore Sixam (the alien planet)

Sixam is the alien planet hidden within The Sims 4: At Work. With blue coloring, precious stones and an incredible variety of bright and pulsating plants, Sixam is home to extraterrestrials and a must-see destination for Sims scientists and adventurers. There are two ways to visit this secret planet: by a properly equipped rocket or by the "Electrofluid Wormhole Generator".

Traveling with a rocket (easier)

  • Method: Buy a rocket in the Activities and Skills area of the Construction Mode. The cheapest is the "Retrofuturist Flying Object", which costs 5,000 simoleons. To build it, you will need to invest 1,000 more simoleons - and a lot of time. After building, continue to buy upgrades and read skill books to reach level 10 in Aerospace Science . With maximum skill, upgrade the rocket in the " Install Wormhole Generator " interaction , for 1,000 simoleons. Explore space and get ready to land at Sixam!
  • Tip (with cheat): To speed up the installation of the Wormhole Generator, press Ctrl + Shift + C and paste the code " stats.set_skill_level major_RocketScience 10 ". Your Aerospace Science skill will automatically be maximized.
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Traveling the "Electroflow Wormhole Generator"

  • Method 1: Upon reaching level 10 of the Scientist career, use the laboratory's Invention Builder to obtain the Wormhole Generator. It will be necessary to add 2 pieces of unusual metal, 2 pieces of unusual crystal and 2 pieces of any element (found in the "Practice Analysis" interaction of the Chemical Analyzer). The land around the laboratory is a great place to collect the pieces of metals and crystals. After building the Generator, go back to the Invention Builder and apply the " Enhance the Electroflow Wormhole Generator " interaction . The option to " Travel to Alien World " will be released next.
  • Method 2 (with cheats): In the Scientist career, press Ctrl + Shift + C and enter the code " testingcheats true " and then " careers.promote adult_active_scientist " to force a promotion. Repeat until you reach career level 10. Right after, copy and paste the cheat " bb.showhiddenobjects " and buy the Electroflow Wormhole Generator, located in the Future Mode Items area of the Construction Mode. Move the Generator into the Invention Builder and apply the " Enhance the Electroflow Wormhole Generator " interaction . The option to " Travel to Alien World " will be released next.
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