Don't think that because you don't have the best cards, you won't be able to be competitive in Hearthstone. Okay, that helps, but there are really cool cheap decks to climb the ladder. Check out our list of 5 decks costing less than 2000 Arcane Dust without epic and legendary ones!

Zoo Warlock Cheap

Zoo Warlock has always been known for a cheap deck. The big difference from the more expensive version is the exclusion of the legendary cards Gul'dan, the Bloodfurter and the Patch, the Pirate. The deck remains strong, as all the synergy comes from small lackeys. However, if you can get more Arcane Dust, replace the Saronite Extractors with two Corridor Creepers that fit the Zoo Warlock perfectly. Deck code: AAECAf0GAvIF9ggOMPcEzgfZB8IItKwCvLYCx7sC68ICm8sC980Cps4C8dAC8tACAA == Arcane Dust: 1400

Cheap Midrange Hunter

The Hunter has always been a popular class among cheap decks. In this deck, there is a good synergy between the Beasts and the introduction of the new Toupeira Atroz and Flanqueante cards. The Hunter's Mark Sailing weapon combo is capable of destroying almost any minion without taking any damage. As with Zoo Warlock, if you get another 800 Arcane Dust, add the Corridor Creeper. Deck code: AAECAR8AD40BqAK1A + sH2wntCYEK / gzquwKOwwLXzQKmzgLd0gLh4wKL5QIA Arcane Dust: 1120

Secret Mage Cheap

Even without the legendary weapon Aluneth, the Secret Mage manages to be a good deck. Thus, you gain space to place the Mirror Entity secrets to copy your opponent's minions. With more synergy of lackeys, the presence of Escamorte Cobalto has also become very valuable. Deck code: AAECAf0EAA9xwwG7ApUDqwTmBJYF7AWjtgLrugKHvQLBwQLKywKmzgKP0wIA Arcane Dust: 1440

Cheap Rogue Weather

The full version of Tempo Rogue often wins without playing the legendary Prince Keleseth. Without it, you'll be able to place other good 2 mana cards like Golakka's Eviscerate and Creeper. We know that cards like Sonya Bailavulto or Leeroy Jenkins make a big difference in the game, but still, this deck may surprise you. Deck code: AAECAaIHAvIFlNACDrQByQGMAtQF9QWIB90I5MIC68ICysMCyssClc4Cps4C2 + MCAA == Arcane Dust: 1480

Cheap Jade Druid

Jade Druid was one of the decks that dominated the ladder the most. In this inexpensive version without Total Infestation, you return to play with the Geringontzan Auctioneer to match the Jade Idol. The new Lower Magic Jasper card helps eliminate enemy minions in the first rounds of the game. The main objective is that you quickly reach 10 mana to start using the Gadgetzan Auctioneer to place many jades on the table. Deck code: AAECAZICAA9AX8QGpAfkCL6uArS7Asu8As + 8At2 + AvnAAuTCAqDNApHQApjSAgA = Arcane Dust: 2000 If you can get more Arcane Powder, check out the best Kobolds & Catacombs decks now! Use the best onlineHTML, CSS and JS tools at editors, code optimizers and more.

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