Injustice 2 cheats for PS4 and XBOne

Now we are going to tell you some tricks and aids that we know about the new injustice 2, an action game and fights where we will face the best known villains and super heroes of the moment, and as always in Trucoteca we want to help you to eliminate your rivals With the least possible difficulty.

Exp trick with 2 controls:

We have a slightly evil way to gain a lot of experience quickly, for this we will need to have two controls connected, so we only have to enter into combat with two characters, and since we have control of both, only with which we want We will start throwing blows to our rival that will remain immobile, that way we will get a perfect fight, we must also equip as many pieces with exp bonus as we can, since that way we will get more experience, and as the other rival is not going We don't need equipment to hit, just for the fight without any piece we will get 900 exp, so imagine depending on the bonus pieces that you can equip, it is a somewhat boring but very effective way to upload your favorite characters.

Super movements:

To perform the Super movements of our characters, we must first completely fill in the boxes that appear on the meter at the bottom of the screen, once they are full we just have to press and at the same time, for it to work correctly you must hit your rival when performing this combo and each character will have his super particular to lower the opponent enough life as long as he succeeds. But not everything ends here, if while we are doing this action, we also press the strong attack button synchronizing the blows we see during the scenes we will slightly increase the damage, or in turn reduce it if we are affected by the attack of the rival, which It is worth practicing a little to get as much life as we can.


Now we are going to show you how to get all the transitions that we can find in Injustice 2, in all we will have to take our rival to a specific area of the stage to be able to launch it and that it receives additional damage and we will see a small kinematics where it hits with everything that you find in its path, and that is why we want to show you all. Arkham Asylum: We must take our enemy to the right side of the stage, on the right we will see some metal boxes and we must throw him towards those boxes to do a lot of damage and complete the transition. Batcave: In this scenario we will have to take our rival to the left end of the screen, near the group of computers that we will see, in that area we can crash our enemy against a brick wall and through it spectacularly. Red Sun Prison: Like the previous one, we will have to take the enemy to the left of our screen, where we will see a large screen, we have to try to throw him against the screen to see what triggers everything. Kahndaq: Again we will have to take our rival to the left end of the screen, and we will see a large structure that has reddish tones that shine, and the structure will see that it has cracks, in that area we can crash our rival. Brainiac: Now we have to take the opposite to the right of our screen, and there is an area where we can throw enemies out of the ship, but when that happens there will be a Brainiac tentacle that will return them to combat. Metropolis: On the right side of the screen, we must simply hit the enemy against the back wall and thus go through a building. Atlantis: We must take the rival to the right side of the screen, in the area we will see some holograms with fish, we must throw it to that side to see what happens, and we already warn you that the great figure in the background is not simply to watch the combat . Gotham City: In the next one we will have to take our rival to the right side of the screen, where we will see a van with the back doors closed, we will have to throw our opponent inside the van to blow it up.

All the Finals:

Now we show you all the endings of the new Injustice 2, so watch out for the Spoilers, if you don't want to know all the available endings, don't keep watching the video, otherwise enjoy the different endings you can get in Injustice 2

Get Crystals:

In the new Injustice 2 we will need many crystals, since with them we can spend them on buying new costumes for our characters, we also have another option that if we have a character at level 20, we could spend crystals to raise another character at level 20, but Winning crystals costs a lot so we do not recommend spending the crystals on uploading characters if not buying costumes, and now we are going to tell you how to get some crystals. The best way to get crystals is to level up our characters, every time we go up one level they will give us crystals and depending on the level they will give us more or less cirstales, now we tell you the exact amounts for each level. From 1 to 19: We receive 100 crystals for each level rise. From 20 to 39: In this level range we receive 150 crystals for each level rise. From 40 onwards: From level 40 onwards we will be given 200 crystals each time we level up. Our best advice is that you do not focus on raising only one character to more than level 40 since it will take you a long time to get crystals, it is best to raise many characters to low levels since that way you will get faster crystals. In the multiverse mode we can also get some crystals, for this we will have to complete the daily challenges, they are on the right side of the menu screen, we can not always get crystals with the events, but if we look at it every day sometimes We can get crystals.

Get characters:

When we start playing the new Injustice 2 we will have a total of 27 unlocked characters to choose from, but if we want to get some others do not worry that we will tell you how to unlock a few so that you have more to choose and choose, find your favorite and take full advantage . Brainiac: It is a space robot, which many of us can know for being one of the enemies of the famous Superman, and in order to play with we will have to have completed the game at least once in the difficulty we want. Darkseid: It is another villain that we can also know since he also faced superman and is another space being, but the bad thing is that to get this character we will have to have reserved the game or made a direct purchase, if we can not unlock it . Golden Age Flash: It is the first Flash that appeared, and to play with this character we will have to spend a whopping 6000 crystals, although with some luck we can also obtain it randomly when leveling up in multiverse mode or game modes in which we can get skin of the characters. Grid Cyborg: To use the essence of artificial intelligence that lived in Cyborg's body, we will only have to link our Injustice 2 mobile account to get it. Green Lantern (John Stewart): One of the most famous, in the game we can play with the most current of the moment Hal Jordan or as Jhon Stewart, if we want to play with the last one we will have to spend another 6000 crystals or buy the Injustice edition 2 Ultimate Edition to receive it. Mr. Frio: A well-known villain who always tries to end the life of our beloved Batman, to play with him we have two options, either to pay 6000 crystals or to gain him by leveling up in the multiverse mode or in anyone who can win the skin of the characters as was the case with Golden Age Flash. Power Girl: This is a different version of Supergirl, and in order to play with it we will need to spend 6000 crystals or if we have bought the Digital Deluxe edition or the Ultimate Edition, that way we will unlock it at the moment. Reverse of Flash: For those who do not know, the reverse of Flash is its default arch nemesis, and to play with this villain we will have to spend 6000 crystals or buy the Ultimate Edition. Vixen: This powerful woman has the ability to adopt the skills of the deadliest animals on earth, and in order to get it we will have to spend another 6000 crystals.

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