Idle Heroes Team Planner Tool v2.0

Being a novice, the developer of the game initially found himself having a difficult time in trying to find out which team he wanted to work towards, which Treasure/Stones and Artifacts to give to each hero of the game and which auras to activate. In order to help himself, he garnered information about these things from MKxJUMP’s Tier List on Play Idle Heroes and combine that with information from the site and put it all in one tool to track. Although the developer had developed the tool for himself, he made it available to all the users so that other novices like him can benefit from the tool.

Steps to Use the Tool

(1)First of all open the tool with the help of a button which is present with the tool (2) Then sign in using a valid Google account (3)Once you log in with the Google account go to File and select Make a copy from the drop down option to make a copy of the given tool for your Google account. (4)Enter the name and the location where you want to paste the copy. (5)Go to the planner tab and select six Heroes according to your preference. (6)The tool will contain information about each hero, class, faction, Artifacts, and stones. (7)The tool will also contain information about the team, such as the heroes, active aura, etc.


The developer of the game is looking for someone with an aptitude for games which can assist him in his work in the fields of information, stats, synergies and also maths.

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