We are living in an age where everything is possible up to some extent like who would have thought that one will be able to play a game in which there is another world with there own set of rules. There are many games which come under this classification but they are pretty much same as the world they have inside the game which is pretty much like as our real world & one can get fed at some point. But what if there is a game which contains a type of world which is never seen before, yes there is & that’s called idle heroes arena.

In this game, one has to choose a character for playing & don’t worry about the looks as they all represent some sort of ancient mystic gods. Then by choosing a character, one will be registered there with a username which is chosen by the user then there is mainly three arenas in the game in which the user has to fight the opponent. One has to face three opponents in an arena the first two opponents will be much stronger & by fighting with them, one will get an idea about that particular arena. But the third one which is basically the weaker one & if the user refreshes the game, then the opponent’s power will get increased. One might do this to make the task tougher than the previous one but the refreshes have limits too. The maximum number of refreshes one can do is five & after that, they will have to start from the beginning as the 6th refresh takes the user to the first opponent.

The three types of the Arena

Crystal crown league:

The user can always opt for this arena as it’s always open & doesn't require any extra doing. But the season of this arena remains open for only 14 days from the day of the start. In these 14 days, many battles take place every day the first two of them are free of cost, but after that, it costs one arena tickets. If the user is able to attack the opponent, then they will be rewarded. The users are also allowed to , but the line of the team is pre-decided by the game with some rules. The user will get an email every day at 9.00pm GMT which will contain some package to be used in the game. After 14 days when the season will be over then, the user will receive an email with rewards in it.

Trail of the champion

Trail of the champion only last for 4 days as this is shorter than the previous one, but the level it requires to unlock is 55. One can make 3 teams in each season with some defined number of heroes. As the user is fighting with 3 teams in the arena, so the user has to pay 3 arena tickets for the entry. The third fight will only take place when the first two fights get a tie. Based on the ranking the user will receive a reward at the end of the season. This season always ends on Sunday as it is pre-decided.

Free team up arena

This season also lasts for 4 days as same as the last one but the unlocking level of this season is different as it unlocks at level 60. In this, the user is allowed to make 2 teams with a predefined number of heroes in it. If one is not able to make team the invitation of other players is allowed. When the fight starts the team has to use stamina to keep the fight going, but the stamina adds up after some time. After the end of the season which on Thursday the user will surely be rewarded.

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