Idle Heroes Updates

When you are into playing a game as happening as idle heroes, you would die to know of the latest upgrades and add on features that keep coming your way. Who does not like to be up to date after all! It is just like when you are waiting for a new episode on your favorite TV show and when it comes out you simply would not be able to hold your excitement. Keep buzzing with a complete track on the latest updates and add ons to the game given below as along with their date of release.

The order of releases will be latest to oldest

  • Date of release: 8th of March, 2019

  • Skills of the Vesa are completely churned into a new set of skills.
  • The cost of getting Vera has been altered, available at the Glorious Temple
  • There is an anticipatory change in the functioning of Brave trial. Keep a track as it might come in the upcoming month or ahead of that
  • The celestial island is likely to be re done. This alteration happens after the supposed liberation of Phoenix in the game plot.
  • Date of release: 1st of March, 2019

  • Very interestingly, the legendary Ormus’s skills have got additions
  • The company has gone one step ahead this time by getting very well-known Japanese voice stars on board. Kugimiya Rie along with Hikasa Yoko will be the voice overs for heroes. How exciting is this!
  • Along with these updates, there is a price alteration in Ormus's tab at the Glorious temple.
  • Date of release: 23rd February 2019

  • Players generally miss smashing on seal land. For this, a red dot has been marked on the land now. This dot will act as a reminder for the players
  • The players will be able to sell all the outdated commodities like knots and ice creams.
  • The players will notice a redone interface for the Guild war
  • Players will be able to bag rewards after getting a specific amount of sweepstakes at the wishing fountain.
  • Introduction of the shelter mission wherein the players will have to fulfill all assigned tasks in order to gain rewards
  • Four different varieties would be available for buying now.
  • Players will now be able to report other players in case of any misbehavior or misconduct
  • Valkyrie will have now have a totally different and fresh skin
  • Date of release: 22nd January 2019

  1. Change in sanctioning skills:
  2. The entire system of sanctioning has been altered. Players will notice a complete restructuring of hero skills
  3. Players will see a significant change in the activity skills of the hero Cthugha.
  4. Features of precisions have been modified.
  5. Players will now be able to block out the damage received by 30% with the usage of each correct working block, and the crit destruction can be reduced by 20%
  6. Skills introduced for enabling:
  7. Resilience – a player, will be able to heal its hero by 15% towards the end of a round for all the vacant HP
  8. Vitality – this will allow the player to increase HP by a good 12%
  9. Shelter – this feature will help in subsiding a hazardous attack by 15%
  10. Shared fate – when the round ends, all the remaining members of the team who have lived will be able to get an additional 1.2 % attack.
  11. Mightiness – this feature will raise the attack power of the player by 8%
  12. Lethal fightback – this is a great feature in which enemies will face additional destruction of 12% while engaged in an active or basic attack
  13. Growth – the player will be able to raise his HP by 5% of attack along with a velocity of 3%
  14. Modification in hero features: the heroes making to the top 10 ten will be receiving a ground level modification of features. A special feature has been added to Cthugha’s cap wherein it will expand by 500%
  15. Other modifications:
    • Alteration in precision feature: a percentage increase in the precision by one percent will lead to an overall increase of 0.3 percent in the damage
    • Alteration in block feature: every useful block placed will be able to subside the destruction by thirty percent and the severe destruction caused can be reduced by a good 20 percent
    • Increased effectiveness of the properties of heroes.
  1. Special releases for the auspicious occasion of the New Year for the Chinese:
    • An introduction of a brand new hero named Aida. She is a light hero, and she does justice by it. Basically, she plays the role of a judge who will punish the players for being in a bad light. Her aim is to destruct the darkness.
    • Fresh events for the spring festival
    • The kiss of the ghost will come back for good
    • Fresh skins will be released for fabricating all heroes
    • Fresh levels for the oblivion tower will be bought out
  • Date of release: 18th of January, 2019

  Feature: this new release has a featured button. By clicking on it, a player will be able to collect all the mines from the celestial land in one go.  
  • Date of release: 16th of January, 2019

  Feature: this will be extremely exciting for the players since they will now see freshly built skins on the heroes – Skylight and Valkyrie.  
  • Date of release: 14th of January, 2019

  Feature: first hand intel on the upcoming light hero was made available. Her appearance was marked by long beautiful brown hair, and her eye were missing. Apparently, the hero was a magician and should be called Leona or hectate.
  • Date of release:  9th of January, 2019

    • The modification will be done to the existing gem rate wherein
      • The players are likely to receive more amount of gems when they make a new purchase
      • The players will enjoy an improved percentage of discount on the purchase of a premium card for one time only
      • The players will now get 85 gems as output instead of the previous quantity of 75 under a mini premium card.
    • Modifications in the tasks performed by Artifact and brave trial
      • Update in artifact: in order to go a level up, the players will now be free to choose their own materials
      • Fragments of artifact:  the player will be able to provoke many artifacts at the same time from the fragments
      • Update in the brave trial store: additional icons like “buy in bulk” and “reconfirm” will now be available at the store.

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