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How to solve the mystery of The Sims 4: Strangerville

Learn how to solve the mystery of the Strangerville gamepack quickly and neutrally. In addition to what will be listed here, there are several alternatives that can be done to change the process of solving the mystery.

Explore the Secret Lab

What better place to look for answers than the source of all the mystery? Visit and explore the Secret Laboratory to begin your adventure. In this abandoned location, no Sim has set foot since the explosion.

In this lab adventure you will need four key items:

  1. Access card
  2. Contamination Sensor
  3. Contamination Profile Data
  4. Protective Clothing

How to get an Access Card

In the laboratory there will be a door with blocked access. Use an access card to unlock it. The quickest way to get a card is through a Secret Dossier with 15 compiled evidence . To find 15 evidence, try:

  1. Search laboratory papers (get up to 8 pieces of evidence);
  2. Take photos of the Bizarre Plants;
  3. Hacking (requires 3 programming skills);
  4. Ask the Military or Scientists for evidence (requires a pleasant relationship with the Sim).

With the 15 evidences in hand, compile everything in a Secret Dossier and exchange for an access card using one of the following methods:

  1. Asking a military man (requires a pleasant relationship with Sim);
  2. Buying for 250 simoleons at the Souvenir Shop (conspiracy shop near the trailer park);
  3. Requesting on the internet (requires military career level 5 or more).

Time to enter the lab and understand what’s going on in StrangerVille! But … Wait. When we descended the first steps, we noticed a very suspicious purple smoke. It is impossible to proceed with the investigation without first finding a method to protect yourself from this contamination!

How to obtain a Contamination Sensor

All military personnel in the city have a Contamination Sensor . Go to the city bar to talk to one of them and try to get a sensor:

  1. Bribing a military man;
  2. Fighting with a military man;
  3. Impressing a military man with his physical ability;
  4. Seducing a military man.

With this sensor, you can now check spore clusters wherever you step. In more contaminated places like the Laboratory it is possible to find up to 5 spores per check.

How to obtain Contamination Profile Data

Collect 15 clusters of spores with the Contamination Sensor and use the machine at the bottom of the laboratory to obtain Contamination Profile Data .

How to get protective clothing

With that data in hand, it’s time to ask a scientist for help. Go to the Library and try to have a scientist build a Spore Filter to protect you from contamination. Make sure you have a pleasant relationship with the scientist before asking for this big favor. If all goes well, a spore filter will arrive in your mailbox in the next few hours.

Go back to the Souvenir Shop and buy a Protective Suit for 1,000 simoleons. Combine the Spore Filter and Protective Suit in the inventory and you will finally be safe enough to continue the investigation.

We are nearing the end of our investigation and things seem to get worse and worse. I feel that something terrible is yet to come. Perhaps all the answers will be on the other side of that door, or not. Do you really want to pay to see?

Find out how to defeat the Mother Plant here!

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