How to play with Valhein in Arena of Valor: tips, build and essentials

There are several heroes in Arena of Valor , but none are as well known as Valhein. After all, it is with the demon hunter that all Challengers start playing, learning the various tutorials with this heroic character. But it is also frequent that players become fans of this Shooter and want to learn how to do well with him. Here, you will learn everything about the skills, build, items and Arcana essential to master with Valhein!

Discover the skills of the demon hunter

 Passive: Pocket Gladius

Each third normal Valhein attack is transformed into a gladius with an additional random effect. This adds up to 1 Hunter buff stack, which increases Movement Speed ??by 10% and can be stacked up to 5 times.

 Bloody Hunt

The hero hurls a red gladius to a target and his nearby enemies, being very useful in team combat. The magic damage dealt is 190 (+153) and this ability also grants 1 stacks to the Hunter buff.

 Deadly Curse

With this ability, Valhein hurls a golden gladius that not only deals 150 (+98) magic damage but also stuns the target. Bloody Hunt grants the Hunter buff 1 stack and is a good ability to start a fight with multiple enemies.

 Ultimate: Rain of Bullets

Valhein shows that he is a true demon hunter with this ability. The hero fires 6 silver bullets at once, each dealing 200 magic damage (+84). Each time Valhein hits the target, his Attack Speed ??is increased by 8% and his Movement Speed ??is increased by 10% for 3 seconds. If you hit the same target with multiple bullets, the following attacks deal 40% of the initial damage.

Tips for doing well with Valhein

  • One of the best strategies to easily kill an enemy is with the combination of Deadly Curse and Bullet Rain. Stun your opponent with Deadly Curse, get up close and fire Bullet Rain - the closer you are to the enemy, the more you guarantee that he will be hit by all the bullets.
  • Valhein can be very dangerous in battle, but he is not a hero with much resistance. This means that you have to know when to leave at the right time or you will easily be eliminated by stronger ones. As a sniper, take full advantage of the distance Valhein can reach opponents and always know how to escape before they start a counterattack.
  • If you choose Valhein, then you choose to always be attacking. This hero has abilities that reward constant attack, granting increases in his Movement Speed. Keep that in mind and always look for a new target.

How to progress the skill build

The progression of Valhein's skills is quite simple to learn. We recommend that whenever you have the chance, level up on the Bloody Hunt and Bullet Rain skills. If in doubt between leveling Deadly Curse or Bloody Hunt, always choose the Hunt. Never pass up the chance to level up with your ultimate (Rain of Bullets), especially during the early stages.

Essential items of your build

The equipment build of each hero is something that can be customized in several ways, always taking your playing style as a point of view. But we leave you a hint of what are the recommended items to unlock the potential of Valhein.

Core Items

Sancti Keys

Cost: 2000
  • +100 Attack Damage
  • + 30% Critical Rate
This is the only item in Arena of Valor that increases damage and critical rate, something that can be devastating in a Shooter’s arsenal like Valhein.

Slikk stinger

Cost: 2050
  • + 30% Attack Speed
  • + 20% Critical Rate
  • + 5% Movement Speed
  • Passive: Piercing (increases Critical Damage by 50%)
Speed ??is essential for any Sniper and with Slikk Stinger, your hero will hunt down enemies faster in attack and movement, while the critical rate goes up.

War Boots

Cost: 660
  • + 25% Attack Speed
  • Passive: +60 Movement Speed
Valhein needs to fire quickly to reach the potential of his passive ability and these boots help with this mission.

Optional items

The beast

Cost: 1740
  • +100 Attack Damage
  • + 25% Life Theft
Valhein can be an excellent shooter, but he is a character considered squishy, ??being easily eliminated if you are not careful. With The Beast, the hero not only manages to increase the damage done, but also steals the lives of others to restore HP. This is something very important to strengthen the character.

Fenrir's Tooth

Cost: 2950
  • +200 Attack Damage
  • Passive: all damage is increased by 30% when the target's Health drops below 50%
Quickly eliminate enemies with this efficient item and you will not regret it.


Cost: 1980
  • +70 Attack Damage
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • Passive: Armor piercing + 40%
Muramasa is an excellent item to face the tanks that live wanting to bring you down.


Cost: 2150
  • +70 Attack Damage
  • + 15% Attack Speed
  • + 10% Life Theft
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • +500 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Pentapower (after using a skill, the following Normal Attack within 5 seconds is improved with 100% Physical Damage)
Look at all the buffs this insane item can give your hero. Do we really need to explain why you need Omniarma?

Ancestral Glory

Cost: 2240
  • +1000 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Resurrection (your character revives on the spot 3 seconds after dying with 40% of maximum Life)
This can be the item that makes the difference when you die in the middle of a team fight. With Ancestral Glory, your hero is less vulnerable and increases the chances of survival.

Demonic Handshake

Cost: 2070
  • + 30% Attack Speed
  • + 20% Critical Rate
  • + 5% Movement Speed
  • Passive: Flaming Fury (Normal Attack has 10% increased speed for 2 seconds)
An item that combines very well with the needs and strengths of a Sniper like Valhein.

What kind of Arcana to choose

This Arena of Valor element helps to build and strengthen your hero by increasing different attributes. For Valhein, bet on Arcana that will give a bonus to your Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Critical Rate and Armor Piercing. And, of course, don't forget to guarantee your survival through Life Theft.

Red arcana

  • Atrocity
  • Uncontrolled
  • Gale
  • Ambush

Purple arcana

  • Guerrilla
  • Killer
  • Fury
  • Alacrity

Green arcana

  • Sting
  • Aggression
To know everything about Arcana, check out our super guide!

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